Free College Admissions Essays: Physics and Philosophy

Free College Admissions Essays: Physics and Philosophy

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Physics and Philosophy


Physics has always been the science that interests me most. It seems to me that physics tackles fundamental questions about the universe and it feels more relevant than other sciences. I enjoy experimental work in physics but do sometimes feel limited by the resources available at my college. I would like the chance to use more sophisticated equipment to investigate more advanced level physics. Actually doing some of the important experiments of the last century, such as Rutherford's proof for the existence of the proton would add a new level of realism to particle physics. My interest in Philosophy developed through my study of Law at AS-level. I started to take an interest in jurisprudence and read a number of texts on the subject. I found that these contained many terms that I had never really encountered before. This has left me wanting to find out more about philosophy and different ways of thinking.


I have chosen these subjects because I enjoy them and would like to look into them in more depth than I have done in the past. I have chosen Physics and Philosophy because the combination of subjects requires both mathematical and scientific ability but also aptitude in written communication and logic. I would like to leave my options open in terms of possible career and I feel that by developing a number of different skills this will give me the best possible knowledge base.


I would like to use the opportunity of higher education to strengthen my mathematical and science related abilities such as investigation and problem solving. However parallel to this I would also like to further improve skills in areas such as discussion and structured argument. I would also like to develop my written communication skills and I feel that this courses especially the Philosophy aspect would let me advance my writing style.


One of my main interests outside school is computers and the Internet. I have been using the Internet regularly for a number of years for many different purposes including research and communication. I have also developed my own web page and looked at things such as HTML and CGI scripts. My other interests are general socialising and also keeping fit. I am a member of my local gym and also regularly go swimming. I have gained my NPLQ lifeguard qualification and also have recently passed my two star canoe test and hope to progress onto my three star certification.

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I enjoy reading and have read books by authors such as George Orwell, William Gibson and Hunter S Thomas. I have found that books such as Neuromancer by William Gibson have given me prompts to start question things such as what constitutes a living being. I feel reading has given me a door way to different methods of thought and perception.


My previous employment includes working in a holiday resort. I was a member of a team of around 20 people and I had to ensure that as well as completing my duties, the rest of the team must also be able to complete their work. I was responsible for a set of mater keys for the whole resort, which are extremely valuable. I combined working 10 hours a week with studying for my AS levels which involved good time management in terms of meeting deadlines. Currently I am working in the office of a mail delivery company. My work involves using a database of customers and their packages and I am responsible for managing orders and checking customer details. Often this means working under pressure to complete work quickly, but also accuracy is very important as mistakes can have large effects on future custom.

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