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Wyoming is the ninth largest state. It measures 97,914 square miles. It was
admitted to the union on July 10, 1890. It is the 44th state. The capital is
Cheyenne. The highest point is at Gannett Peak which is at 13,804 feet
above sea level. The lowest point is at Belle Fourche River. It measures at
3,100 feet above sea level. The average rainfall is 14.5 inches.
The population according to the 1990 cencus is 453,588. Wyoming is
also know as Big Wyoming, the Equalty State, and the Cowboy State. The
state motto for Wyoming is Equal Rights. The Wyoming flag was designed
by Mrs. A.C. Keyes. The flag was adopted by the 14th legislature on January
31, 1917.
The heart of the flag is the Great Seal of Wyoming. There is also a
bison on the flag which represents the custom branding. The colors of the
flag are the same as the colors of the National Flag. The red border
represents the Indian, and the pioneers who gave their lives reclaming the
land. The white is the emblem of purity, and uprightness over Wyoming.
The blue is the color of the sky and mountains, and also is symbolic of
fidelity, and justice.
The Great Seal of Wymoing was adopted by the second legislature in
1893. It was also revised by the 16th legislature in 1921. There are two
dates on the Great Seal. They are 1869 and 1890. In 1869 was the birth of
the Territorial goverment. In 1890 was when Wyoming admission to the
Union. It has a picture of a banner that has the words Equal Rights on it.
This stands for the status and fair treatment women have always enjoyed in
On Medicine Mountain there is a Medicine Wheel which has 28
spokes and a circumfrance of 245 feet. This was a ancient shrine built of
stone by the hands of some forgotten tribe. A crow cheif has said before “ It
was built before the light came by the people who had no iron. The relic still
remains one of Wyomings unsolved puzzles.
The indians of Wyoming were nomads and known as the Plains
Indians. The tribes are Arapaho, Arikara, Bannock, Blackfeet, Cheyenne,
Crow, Gros Ventre, Kiowa, Nez Perce, Sheep Eater, Sioux, Shosshone and
Ute tribes. Of all the tribes the Cheyenne and the Sioux were the last of the
Indians to be placed on the reservations.

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Plainsmen were hunters, warriors
and religious.
Both the men and women of the tribes were craftsmen. They both
made things everyday for them so they could use. They also made an article
that has ceremonial purposes. The quilting and beading was done by the
women and the carving was done by the men.
There is one Indian reservation in Wyoming. It is the Wind River
Reservation. It’s headquarters are at Fort Washakie. The reservation is home
to about 2,357 Shoshone and 3,501 Arapaho Indians. The reservation is
measured at 1,888,334 acres.
One of Wyomings legends is about a jackrabbit with deerlike antlers.
This is also known as a Jackalopes. They were first discovered by John
Colter in 1829. They are said to be vicious when attacked. They move with
lightning speeds of 90mph. The first stuffed Jackalope appeared in 1941 and
was assembled by Douglas and Ralph Herrick.
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