College Admissions: Philosophy, Politics and Economics

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The crucial importance and relevance of politics, philosophy and their related disciplines to the modern world have led me to want to pursue the study of these social sciences at a higher level.

My experiences of Politics at A Level have shown me the fundamental part it plays in our lives, but it has also shown me that it cannot exist alone, and is inextricably linked to history, sociology, economics and, most of all, philosophy. I have found it useful in my other studies, in adding reality to academic analysis - and a sense of stability and proportion too.

I established, and remain editor of, a radical student newspaper at my school and I have tried to bring this fresh outlook and dynamism to my other roles: managing the school Prefects as Vice School Captain, representing the student body on many School Councils and the Equal Opportunities committee, as well as organising younger students as House Captain. My music is important to me, whether it be the band I play in, the school orchestra, or else performing with a local oriental Gamelan group. I work extensively with computers, recently winning a national multimedia competition and programming freelance for a variety of private clients, as well as designing the school magazine. These activities have taught me the importance of balancing academic study with my other interests successfully.

Though I do not aspire to professional politics, several years of Public Speaking have significantly helped my oratorical and debating skills. This, along with my music, computing and languages, is something I look forward to developing further in the future, as an aspect of the partnership between vibrant student life and academic study that I hope to discover at university.

From what I have seen, the study of politics and philosophy cannot be divorced from real life, nor understood out of context. I look forward to the opportunities to study in depth at degree level, independently but with the guidance of experts and in the company of new and interesting people.

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I come to philosophy, politics and economics with an open mind - interested but not yet informed. I want to develop this interest further, together with taking an active part in university life, in order that I might start my career with an excellent grounding in an aspect of Society that fascinates me. My aim is to depart from university an informed citizen rather than a gullible voter.

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