The Population Growth of Taiwan

The Population Growth of Taiwan

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The Population Growth of Taiwan

1. The three paradigms of human population growth are, the Cornucopia paradigm, the Neo-Malthusian paradigm and the UN Model. The cornucopia paradigm makes the assumption that the more humans are the better because then there will be more ideas and technological advances; the human population growth is unlimited. This assumption is unrealistic because with an overabundance of people, the resources they would need to survive would diminish as they already are. The result of this kind of growth would mean there would be six quadrillion people on earth. This would end life, as we know it. There would be restrictions on what food would be eaten and every piece of land available would be used for growing crops. In the Neo-Malthusian paradigm makes the assumption that future population growth would remain constant as it has for 2000 years. However, if the rate of growth would increase than it would result in: “the more people, the faster the population grows,” For the future this would result in an infinite rate of population growth. The UN Model assumes that the population in LDC’s behave the same way it behaved in the U.S. and Western Europe. It depends on the reproduction rate of a species. All humans have demographic stages: pre-reproductive, reproductive, post reproductive and gestation. If any of these were closest to North America, then it would be the Neo-Malthusian paradigm. The population growth seems to be moving at a constant and with so many diseases and all the violence; life is kept in a balance.
2. There is a distinct relationship between human population and biodiversity. When human population increases, biodiversity decreases. Evidence of this is more animals, plants and other wild life become extinct each year while human growth is on the rise. An effect that human have had on an ecosystem is the extinction of Miss Waldron’s Red Colobus Monkey. Because humans hunt protected species, like this one was, for bush meat, the simian population is decreasing rapidly. 800 lowland gorillas were killed in just one district of Cameroon. Human population has had an effect on the food web. For example, when human population increases, the growth of primary producers, such as plants and vegetables, decreases. Thus, species that live primarily off these primary producers are in danger of losing their source of food. A direct effect humans have had on the global level is the depletion of the ozone layer.

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With the destruction on forests, jungles, etc the hole in the ozone layer grows. This results in increased cancer rates, disruption of primary producers and extinction of terrestrial life. However, if an entire nation ceases some of these reckless activities, there can be hope for the future. For example, in the city of Tucson has the highest rate of teen pregnancy. With the “Abstinence till Marriage” campaign, the rate has drop. Therefore, lowering the rate of Arizona as a state thus lowering the rate of the United States and so on.
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