The Cemetery-Personal Narrative

The Cemetery-Personal Narrative

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The Cemetery-Personal Narrative

I remember it like it was yesterday. Infact, it was yesterday. My parents were leaving for a couple of days, so I could do anything I wanted. I called Amy, a girl I know from school. After we got off the phone, I knew it was time. That night I would be initiated into the group. Amy was going to come over at nine and take me to the cemetery for the ceremony.
The clock hit nine, and I looked outside. Amy was walking toward my house, dressed in straight black. The only light that you could see was her face. I, on the hand, had on solid black with hanging silver chains. We left my house and started walking. All I knew was we were going to the cemetery at ten thirty, nothing else. Any had told me that we had to go somewhere else first.
We went to the projects and Amy knocked on the door. Some other girl answered and they exchanged bags. Amy and I left, and started walking toward the cemetery. It was about a half-mile down the road from where we were. Curfew in this town is eleven, so we had to hurry out of sight from the cops.
When we had got there, Sam, Vicki, and Justin, who were friends of mine, was already there. They were sitting around on tombstones talking. Amy and I joined in until Richard, Amber, and Amelia showed up. I did not really have a clue what we were doing, or what we were going to do. I started looking around; everyone was dressed in black.
I had often asked myself why I did this, and why I did that, but now I had an answer. I dressed this way to fit in, but was it worth it? That night was my "coming together" night, my initiation night. I would finally be excepted as one as "them". Did I really want that though? I did not want say anything to anyone. I looked and listened to everyone else that was there.
I looked at Justin and Vicki who were smoking cigarettes. Their bodies were very frail, dressed in black clothes, sitting on the tombstones. Sam and Amy were across from them talking to one another.

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They were drinking soda and laughing. Sam looked at me, then at everyone else. "It is time," she said, as she got up.
Everyone had a bag except me. Amber had a CD player in hers. She took it out and turned it on. She also had something inside of a box. She did not open it, but she sat it next to an empty space on the ground. Richard brought red wine and a box. He laid the box next to Ambers.
It was like that with everyone. Amelia had brought drinking glasses, Justin had a table cloth. Sam and Vicki brought food. Amy did not show hers though. They each had a box that they laid next to the others. They took their bags and piled them near me.
I wasn’t sure what was in all those boxes, but I found myself not being able to wait and see. Amber turned on the CD player and I had not recognized the band at first. Then it turned out to be Godsmack. Richard poured the wine into the glasses that were lying there. Everyone was very quiet. Richard handed me a glass. Mine was very different from everyone else’s. It was very fancy with designs and symbols on it. I heard the tower bell ding eleven times, which meant it was eleven o’clock.
"It is time to open the boxes," Sam had said to everyone. Sam was like the leader of the group; she was the one who started this "group". I did not get it at first, but I was supposed to open one box and take a drink of wine. Then everyone else would say so mote it be, and then they would take a drink. Sam handed me one box, the first one. I opened it, and inside was my trench coat. That was to show that I would be one of "them".
I took a drink, and they said the words, and did the same. Amy handed me the next box. It had black lipstick, hair dye, and fingernail polish. I already had black fingernail polish at home. I guess this was the same type they all used. Then I took a drink, the words came, and they took a drink.
Vicki was next one to give me a box. I opened this one and it shocked me. It was a very long dagger with an emerald handle. I had not known at the time that they each had a symbol carved into their backs. Turns out, my symbol was a panther. I guess it goes with the tiger, alligator, raven, eagle, crow, lion, and bat, which they all were. I took a drink; they said the words and took a drink.
Richard was next with the box. He handed it to me and I opened it. It was a couple of silver and black chains and necklaces. We did the ritual and next was Amber. Inside the box was a bunch of rings. Now I am not much of a ring wearer but I was not about to tell them that. The ritual came and it was Justin’s turn. I think I liked his best, because it was a spiked collar. Did the ritual and last was Amelia. She had given me a camera.
Sam motioned to Amy to get out what was inside her bag. By that time, I was halfway drunk from all the wine they had given me. She took out what looked to be acid. Now I had the choice, to end now or go on and be one of "them". I only took one hit just to satisfy them. Richard came over there with the dagger and began carving a little panther in my back. I do not remember feeling anything or him even doing it really.
Amy and Amber helped me to my feet and pointed me to a cross. That is why we had to go to the cemetery, to find a cross big enough for me to be on. I stood in front of the cross, with my arms spread, like I had been tied on there for being a witch. Amelia took my picture, that was going to be my before picture.
Before I even got down Richard had yelled something out. Everyone got their stuff together and grabbed me. The police had spotted us and since Amy brought acid, we had to leave before they caught us. We all ran together, not splitting up. It was very dark and the only thing we could see was the shining of the light from the police’s flashlights.
Justin came up with the idea to run into the woods that was right next to where we were. We all hid there until the police gave up looking for us. I do not remember what was said between us all, except for what Sam had said. "I hope this is not like this when we have to come back on March ninth." I just remember looking at her and laughing.
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