The Theme of Being a Hostess in Hostess

The Theme of Being a Hostess in Hostess

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The Theme of Being a Hostess in Hostess

My best friend was about to turn 18, and because I was her closest friend, I decided to
celebrate her birthday at my home. I invited eighty of our high school friends, which was an
enormous mistake. I felt like I just became in charge of an oversized kindergarten class. I was
amazed at how difficult it was to become a hostess for eighty teenagers who had no idea what
manners were. I ran around the house, kicking people out of bedrooms, filling up the drinks and
food, and wiping up spills that were everywhere. I barely even had a chance to have any fun at
talk to anyone the entire night. The next year was the year that I decided to put everyone outside
in the backyard to celebrate the next birthday. Becoming a hostess is a great deal of work
depending on who the party is intended for.
The story “Hostess” is also an account of having to be a hostess at a social gathering.
The narrator becomes the hostess of a party and through her eyes, we gain her viewpoint of her
surroundings. Being the hostess, the narrator is thoughtful and caring towards all of friends and
in the end winds up talking on the phone while all her guests are in the other room amusing
The narrator of the story comes directly out as being a motherly figure, calm and caring.
She immediately selects a bowl for the young woman who is sick in the bathroom and brings her
to another room where she can recover. In doing this, she leaves the bathroom open for anyone
who decides they need to use it. When the young woman’s boyfriend shows up at the party, the
narrator is about to reveal how she feels towards him because of his cheating with another
woman, but holds her emotions back and allows the boy to see the girl. She controls her
behaviors and emotions and doesn’t allow the small interruptions or mishaps bother her.
The narrator and her husband live in a trailer park and seem to be content with what they
have. They appear to be very non-materialistic and careful with what they do with their money.
When her husband Dale placed a bet with a friend for five dollars and lost, she was untroubled
by the fact of losing the money. She quickly forgot about it and went on with her business as if it

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never happened. She doesn’t show how she feels at the moment. Instead, she quickly dismisses
the action and goes on. However, she may just as well be the type who may not want to make a
scene, so she might wait till the guests are gone to remark on the money incident.
The narrator and her friends are quite amazed by the kangaroo that they see on the
television which was just born. One of the guests remarks that in Australia, everyone calls each
other “Mike” and nobody knows the reason why that happens. He misunderstands the concept
behind it, and since nobody else understood, it prompts me to believe that they are not
introduced to much of the outside world, which may be a cause of education or just growing up
in an entirely different area.
In the end of the story, the narrator receives a phone call be someone who dialed the
wrong number. She finds that the young woman on the other line loses her sister and now she is
all alone. Being the motherly figure that she is, she talks to the girl and tries to keep her
comfort. She realizes that the young woman is now lonely and regretful that nobody else was
there with her, so she remains on the phone with her while her guests are socializing with each
other and enjoying themselves.
The “Hostess” is a story of a woman who is acting out her motherly instincts. She is
aware of everything happening around her, and tries to make the entire night an evening of fun
for all her friends. Being a hostess is a lot of responsibility which can either ruin a night or it can
create a memory for all the guests that attend.
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