Racism and Friendship in Roll of Thunder Hear My Cry

Racism and Friendship in Roll of Thunder Hear My Cry

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Racism and Friendship in Roll of Thunder Hear My Cry

The novel roll of Thunder hear my cry is about racism and friendship. Most people don't know who to trust and who not to trust. The novel by Mildred Taylor follows the life of Stacey, Cassie,Christopher John, Littleman, TJ, the Sims, Papa, Mamma and Big Ma in their struggle against racism. They believe that all people no matter whether what colour their skin is should be equal.

I will be following the life of Stacey and his family. I will also consider how Stacey grows up in the novel Roll of Thunder hear my cry and examine Stacey and his family and friends. The small area of land that the logan's own, half of it is on mortgage that will have to be paid up soon. Most black people in Mississippi during the 1930's were very poor. They did not own their own land and they were 'sharecroppers'. This meant they had to work on the farms owned by the white people just to survive. The white people did not pay the black workers very much money. They had enough to survive but little else.

Stacy's best friend is called TJ. When TJ cheated at school in the exam it was Stacey who took the blame. Stacey was walking to school with Little Man, Cassie, Christopher and John. Little man was lagging behind worried about his shoes and his trousers getting dirty. When Stacy got to school, Mama tells the class that there is a test on today. Of course TJ knew that there was a test on today because he had stolen the answer sheet. During the test TJ was copying from the answer paper to the test paper. Mama asked TJ what he was doing, so TJ quickly passed the answer sheet over to Stacey and it was Stacy that took the blame for stealing the answer paper. Mama flipped when she saw Stacey with the answer paper. Mama wiped Stacey. Stacey begged Mama not to hit her. Still very angry because of what TJ had done, after school Stacey followed TJ to the Wallace store where they started fighting. Mr. Morrison came along and broke up the fight before anyone was hurt.

This tells us that Stacey is tough and a good friend willing to stand up for other people even if it means getting into trouble himself.

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Stacey didn't like Mr. Morrison joining the family because he felt he was handling things well as head of the house. When Mr. Morrison broke up the fight at the Wallace Store, Stacy thought Mr. Morris would tell Mama and that Stacey would be in more trouble. Mr. Morrison told Stacey that it was his own responsibility to tell Mama, so he did and was sent to bed early.
Stacey with his friends had an idea of digging a hole in the road so that the bus carrying the white children would fall in and then the white children would have to walk like them. Stacey liked some white people, like his friend Jeremy but he didn't like white's that were racist. TJ and the Wallace Brothers broke into the mercantile and stole a gun. The Wallace's beat TJ up, so TJ went to Stacey for help and asked them to take him home. At TJ's home, Stacey saw the night men arrive and he sent Cassie for help. Stacey was brave for staying to watch out for TJ and showed what a good friend he was.

Stacy is a responsible person learns some valuable lessons throughout the book. He learns not to trust white people and that people like his friend Jeremy are unusual. He is a loyal friend to have because although TJ got Mama sacked, Stacey was still his friend when TJ really needed help.
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