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I am Committed to Human Resources Management


The decision for me to become an industrial relations major was not really my own, I have to admit. My uncle, a human resource manager with Welch-Allyn, spent the majority of every holiday gathering throughout my senior year of high school trying to dissuade me from becoming a business major. He would tell me, "This is a rare undergraduate degree and a growing field." Then he would frighten me by saying, "We have very similar personalities, so you would be a fantastic H.R. manager." Eventually he convinced me that it was my best option. And I haven't regretted it.


Although I credit my uncle with inspiring my initial decision, my constantly growing interest in this field and desire to continue my education has grown from two sources: the Industrial Relations faculty at LeMoyne and my vocation as a martial arts instructor for almost five years. From my professors, I have learned the practical side of my intended profession: the multitude of laws protecting worker's rights in the workplace, procedures for collective bargaining and arbitration, and how compensation systems function. My job, on the other hand, has helped me acquire the "people" skills that are crucial to being an effective H.R. manager. In the course of a normal workday, I must communicate with a diverse group of people ranging in age from three to seventy-two years old. Each student has unique needs and goals that I must identify and pay attention to. I must constantly evaluate students and give them constructive feedback, walking that fine line between support and criticism. At the same time, I delegate tasks to the less senior instructors and class helpers, while helping them improve their teaching skills. It is challenging and constantly educational. These two sources, my professors and my job, have succeeded in transforming a disinterested college freshman into a senior who has a focused career path.


My ultimate career goal is to be a general human resource manager or recruiter for a high-tech or pharmaceutical company. These are industries in which I foresee great potential for growth in the future. I enjoy every aspect of my major, and I look forward to the variety of tasks and obstacles I will face as an H.R. manager. The prospect of interacting with people on a daily basis appeals to me immensely in a job.

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Working as a recruiter likewise interests me because it would involve convincing potential employees to work for my company. This is precisely what I do at my current job. It is my responsibility to make new students feel at ease, develop rapport with them quickly, and then sell our program's values and benefits. All of my experience would be relevant and useful to a career as an H.R. manager.


Cornell University represents an attractive program for me because the curriculum is practical and many of the classes utilize computers and software specifically designed for human resources. Also, a Master's degree from a well-respected program like Cornell would be essential in helping me achieve my goal of working for a large, possibly Fortune 500 company. I ask that you examine my grades to see the discrepancy between my Freshman/Sophomore and Junior/Senior years. The change reflects my growing interest in industrial relations and my ability to balance working almost full-time with being a full-time commuting student. If accepted, I will bring to Cornell a strong academic background in human resources and hands-on management experience. I am extremely committed to my career goals, and I believe that attending Cornell will help me fulfill them.

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