Essay About My Love of Reading and Learning

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I read voraciously as a child. I grew up in a college town and spent my summers in Middlebury, Vt, where my father taught summer school. That meant I was surrounded by libraries and by people who love to read and discuss literature. During the Vermont summers, one of my favorite places was Middlebury College's rare books room where I read first-edition Louisa May Alcott novels.

Besides this immersion into a world of books, I credit my love of reading to the fact that my parents only let me watch an hour of TV a day. I learned to use my mind and imagination to entertain myself. It's not really surprising that literature became my vocation. When not reading or writing, I enjoy watching films, baking, going to the city to eat Thai and Ethiopian food, walking, and relaxing with my friends.

I read because it brings me pleasure and because I never want to stop learning. Recently I have been reading a lot of multicultural women's literature and Victorian medical textbooks.

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I also read poetry, both contemporary and older. One of the highlights of my week is reading the Sunday edition of the New York Times.

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