Determining the Importance of Tourism on the Settlement of Haworth

Determining the Importance of Tourism on the Settlement of Haworth

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Determining the Importance of Tourism on the Settlement of Haworth

Aim: To Determine the Importance of tourism on the settlement of


Haworthis a small village not far from Bradfordin West Yorkshire.
Situated above the WorthValleyamid the bleak Pennine moors, Haworthis
internationally famous for its connection with the Bronte sisters. Haworthis
one of the main attractions in Yorkshireand has been for some time. In
the past 20 years it has attracted about one million visitors from
Japan, the USA, Canadaand Europe. Many come to visit the world-famous
Bronte Parsonage museum, home of the remarkable Bronte sisters. Others
are attracted by the steam railway, the Keighley & Worth valley line,
which runs for five miles from Keighley to Oxenhope and is one of the
longest established railways in the country. Thousands come to walk
the Pennines at the same time soaking up the atmosphere that inspired
Emily Bronte to write her world famous book; Wuthering Heights. But
most come simply to browse in the buildings along the Main Street.


· The majority of people visiting Haworthwill be doing so for The

The reason is because other than Sights in Haworththere is not much
else to do there. However this hypothesis is not very accurate as many
people could be coming to Haworthto visit relatives or for business

· The Majority of tourists visiting Haworthwill come to see Wuthering
heights and the BronteparsonageMuseum .

This is as the book: "Wuthering heights" who's setting which shares
the same name as the books title is around 2 miles from the main
street of Haworthand the Girl who wrote the book, Charlotte Bronte
lived in the house now known as the BronteparsonageMuseum . These
attractions attract tourists from all over the world to come to
Haworthand learn more about the life of the Brontes.

· The majority of tourists visiting Haworthwill live with a 200 mile
radius of Haworthitself (UK).

This is because not many people will travel further than 200 miles

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just to visit Haworth. It would be expensive, time consuming and not
worth it in my own opinion. I could however be incorrect As many of
the Bronte Sisters Books have been published in countries such as
Americaand Japan, serious fans of the Brontes may visit Haworth.

· The majority of tourists visiting Haworthwill visit for a day trip

This is as many people do not have enough time to take a trip for
longer than one day. Staying overnight means that money must be paid
for accommodation. Another reason is that There is not so much to see
in Haworthitself.

· The busiest time of year for tourists will be in the

Firstly in the Christmas Holidays children will have finished school
and many adults work and so tourists are more likely to come when they
have time to do so. As well as this many tourists may be attracted by
special occasions and events that are taking place. For example The
Masquerade Weekend (29th and 30th November) and Waisailing Wednesday
(17th December).

· The majority of those tourists staying overnight in Haworthwill stay
in a Bed and Breakfast.

Bed and breakfasts are very popular especially with hikers. They are
cheap, basic but with everything needed, clean and more often then not
vacant. There are over 20 Bed and breakfasts in Haworthalone, yet
there are only 3 hotels. The fact that there are more and that there
are cheaper means that a larger amount of tourists will be attracted
to stay in them.

· Most of the shops in Haworthare geared towards the tourists. (the
type and what they sell).

Many businesses will have set up after The Brontes became a recognized
tourist attraction so that they could attract tourists to their shops
to buy souveniers and eat in their cafes, thus increasing their

· The majority of Shopowners profits come from tourists.

This is because the majority of people who visit Haworth, I would say
are tourists. Logically if there are more tourists then locals
visiting Haworththen in theory more goods should be bought from the
shop by tourists.

· Those residents Working and Living in Haworthare happy with the fact
that tourists visit Haworth.

Obviously residents working and living in village will be happy as it
is likely that tourists provide much of their business and pay a large
proportion of their salary.

· Those residents Living in Haworthbut who are either unemployed or
retired will not be happy at the fact that tourists visit Haworth.

Firstly the unemployed are likely to be unaffected by the tourists as
they do not work and so are likely to complain about factors such as
pollution from rubbish and traffic. The retired residents who are also
not affected by the tourists in the sense of work are likely to be
against the tourists visiting Haworth. It is possible they will
complain about the noise pollution and that tourists are spoiling the
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