Personal Exercise Program For Football

Personal Exercise Program For Football

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Personal Exercise Program For Football

Circuit Training for Football.

Circuit training is a method of training. A circuit usually has 8 to
15 stations, where at each station a different exercise is carried out
for a certain amount of time. Circuit training can improve: - muscular
endurance, cardiovascular endurance, aerobic and anaerobic fitness,
muscular strength, speed and agility.

A circuit-training program may also be designed for a certain sport.
Circuits for this purpose will include exercises to improve all the
muscles and skills associated with football. Example: A circuit
training program for football should include skills like…

Jumping (for a header), dribbling with the ball, shooting, control and

I am going to plan and perform a personal exercise program using
circuit training as the bases of the skills and fitness required for
football. Circuit training allows these two aspects of my chosen sport
to be incorporated into one single session, it is also easy to set up
and it can allow for improvement to be monitored, which is one of my
aims. The overall aims of my personal exercise program are to:-

1. Improve my muscular strength to help put power in my shots and also
it will improve my dynamic and static strength, which will be useful
when I go up for a header and also change my direction more quickly
with an explosive push-off, increasing my reaction time.

2. To improve the standard that I am currently working at.

3. Develop skills and techniques, so they can be more useful in game

4. Improve my general fitness.

In order for me to reach my targets I am going to do 2 sessions a week
for 5 weeks, giving 10 sessions in total.

My current levels of fitness.

Aspect of fitness



Compared with national average


Sit and reach



VO2 Max

Bleep test

Level 8.4



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Vertical jump







Leg power

Standing long jump

89 cms


Strength and Muscular endurance

Sit ups



I tested these specific fitness requirements because they are specific
to football. After the 5 week period I will retake the tests to see if
the results for the aspects of fitness have improved. This will then
determine how successful my personal exercise program has been.
Hopefully these aspects will have improved, defining the success of
the circuit and my fitness and skills should have improved, allowing
me to perform better in football.

Age and Gender

In designing my circuit there were many aspects to take into
consideration but age and gender appeared to be the most likely
complication. In general males are stronger and work at a higher
plateau than females. Evidence of this is made apparent in the
National averages of the tests above, despite this; my circuit can be
adapted to accommodate people of all age and sex.

Males have a hormone called testosterone and this allows the bone and
muscle growth to be much greater than females, they also have larger
hearts and lungs which allows there lung capacity and heart rate to be
greater than the females. Males can transport the oxygen about their
body more efficiently because the red blood cells has an increased
surface area which allows the capacity of the haemoglobin to be
higher, this allows there muscles to work harder for longer.


My circuit-training program is for football and the 9 stations are
specifically suited to what is needed to play football. The Circuit is
specified for an outfield player as there are no goalkeeping skills
involved in this circuit.

My circuit is aimed to improve the following: - muscular endurance,
muscular strength, speed, agility, cardiovascular endurance, and ball
skills. These are all needed for an outfield football player.

For example:

* Muscular Endurance- To keep the muscles contracting for the full
length of the match without them becoming tired or weak.

* Muscular Strength- the force your muscles exert when they contract.
This is an important part of football as it is a contact sport and it
is also very physical, players need to be able to guard the ball and
hold other players off when they are challenging for the ball. Also
muscular strength is useful when taking a throw-in, good muscular
strength in the abdominal muscles is required to throw the ball higher
and further to reach a player that is a long distance away from the

* Speed - the ability to perform a movement in a short period of time.
This is essential in football, for example: to be able to sprint after
a through ball or tackle an opponent who is through on goal.

* Agility - the ability to change direction quickly and control
movements of the whole body. This is needed to be able to change
direction quickly while dribbling or to collect a loose ball.

* Cardiovascular Endurance- the ability of the heart, lungs and
circulation to deliver oxygen and remove waste during exercise. This
is essential for the player to keep a constant pace all the way
through the match.

* Ball Skills- the skills in football are all open skills. This means
that the movement will change in a different environment. A skill is a
particular action or set of actions. These are essential for football
as they cover everything from a simple pass to more complicated skill
such as dribbling the ball in different directions. These are all
motor skills as they are skills involving movement.


To improve the fitness of a part of the body, you need to overload it.
That means you need to make it work harder than usual. Over time, it
adapts to meet the increased demand by getting fitter

You can overload your body in three ways:

* By increasing the Frequency of exercise - how often you do it. For
example, start by exercising twice a week, and then move up to three
or four times a week.

* By increasing the Intensity of the exercise - how hard you work. For
example, run faster or lift heavier weights.

* By increasing the Time you spend on the exercise - If you are very
unfit you might start off jogging just for 5 minutes a session, and
work your way up week by week to 30 minutes a session.

So in order to improve, the 3 points must be increased to allow
progression to be made. With this in mind I am going to do the circuit
to the best of my ability and collect the relevant data so that
results can be devised, allowing the circuit to be a personal program.
I am going to use these results as targets throughout each session, as
each session goes on I am going to overload the following sessions so
that improvement can be made.


[IMAGE]Your body takes time to adapt to the increased demands on it.
So you should build up your exercise level gradually. But once it
reaches a certain level, when it can comfortably deal with the level
of exercise, it will not improve anymore. To prevent this from
happening the exercises must be made progressively harder to ensure
that the body continues to improve.

Figure 1: Level of fitness versus Time

There are three important points about the graph above:

1. The most progress is made in the earlier stages of the graph.

2. There is less progress as the level of fitness increases against

3. Plateau is a mark, which could be reached where progression is
difficult to achieve.


* 20 Cones

* 3 Hoops

* 10 Soccer Balls

* 1 Measuring Tape

The Circuit.

The orders of which the exercises are to be done are:

Warm Up>> Stretches>> The Circuit>> Cool Down

The warm up is very important, as the exercises you will be doing are
very demanding. The warm up will: increase the blood flow and heart
rate, warm up the muscles and loosens joints. This will prevent any
injuries to the muscles or joints.

Start by lightly jogging for approximately 10 minutes. DO NOT SPRINT!
Then move on to some dynamic stretching. For example, rotating hips
and arms. Then stretch all the major muscles used for football, each
stretch should be held for a period of 8 - 10 seconds.

I am basing the circuit training on the sport FOOTBALL.

A warm up prepares the body for the activity it's about to undertake.
There are three reasons on why a warm up should be completed.

1. To reduce the stiffness so injury is less likely.

2. To warm up muscles to allow a greater range of movements.

3. For mental preparation which increases performance levels.

A warm up has to consist of a range of movement including mobility
work, pulse raising work and stretching work. Professional sportsmen
have a warm up of about 10-15 minutes.

Circuits can be organised on the basis of time or repetition and
sometimes includes rest intervals or sometimes they could be non-stop.

The muscles that need to be stretched are:

* Hamstrings

* Quadriceps

* Gastrcnemius

* Triceps

* Deltoids

* Trapezium

A warm down should be done immediately after the given sport. This is
a phase, which should be done because it helps the sportsmen recover
from the given sport. There are three

Reasons why a warm down should be carried out:

1. Your heart rate and respiration rate return gently back to normal.

2. Lactic acid and other waste products are removed from the muscles.

3. It helps to prevent muscle soreness and also helps recovery of the

[IMAGE]Flowchart: Punched Tape: Station 1Station One.


Shuttle run.

Flowchart: Punched Tape: Station 3


Here you start at station 1 and run as quickly as possible to station
2 and then on to station 3 and continue to do this as many times as
possible in a minute. This will improve your speed, agility and
muscular endurance of the quadriceps and hamstrings.

[IMAGE]Station Two.


This station is a sit up exercise. Perform as many as you can in one
minute. These will improve muscular endurance in the abdominal
muscles; this comes in handy when a throw-in needs to be thrown over a
long distance. This is explosive strength because it is done in one
explosive movement. The sit ups will allow the muscles, shown above
get stronger in the abdominal cross section.

Station Three

Chipping footballs into hoops


[IMAGE] Football

This exercise concentrates on a player's chipping ability and
accuracy, the hoops should be placed 5m apart. Place a ball behind the
line and chip it so it bounces in the first hoop, then chip a ball so
it bounces in the second hoop. Then chip it so it bounces in the third
hoop. Try to complete as many successful chips as possible.


[IMAGE][IMAGE]Station Four.








This is a shooting exercise. Place two cones 5m apart, then line up
five balls 10m away from the cones and one cone 2m behind each ball.
Strike the first ball then turn around and sprint around the cone and
strike the next ball then turn around and sprint to round the cone
etc. this will improve muscular strength and accuracy.

Station Five.

Use this time (1 minute) to rest and relax. Some light stretching can
be done to remove the lactic acid that has built up in your muscles
during the first four exercises.

Station Six.


The exercise on this station are burpees, burpees are squat thrusts
and star jumps mixed together. Do a squat thrust then stand up and do
a star jump and then another squat thrust then stand up and do another
star jump. This will improve your agility, cardiovascular endurance
and muscular endurance and strength of the quadriceps and hamstrings.

Station Seven.


Place six cones 1m apart then dribble a ball in and out of them and
sprint back to the start, repeat this for 1 minute. This will improve
ball skills, speed and agility. Record how many complete runs are

[IMAGE][IMAGE]Station Eight.

Kick ups

The exercise on this station is kick-ups. Do as many as you can in one
minute. This will improve ball control, and muscular endurance.

[IMAGE][IMAGE][IMAGE]Station Nine. Wall






This exercise is passing; make a rectangle with cones 5m by 2m, then
pass the ball back and forth against the wall using both feet, right
then left in motion. The ball must be kept inside the area and any
that leave the area are not deemed as a non-successful pass. See how
many complete passes are done in 1 minute. This exercise will improve
the ability to pass the ball accurately and ball control.

Once the circuit is finished it can be repeated or a warm down will
take place, the warm down will consist of gentle jogging and
stretching to remove the lactic acid that builds up in muscles while
they are being worked. The warm down should help you perform better
next time you exercise.

The muscles that were stretched in the warm up should also be
stretched in the warm down. The stretches should be held longer then
they were in the warm up to prevent stiffness and soreness.

The table below displays results for one week of this circuit.



Shuttle runs




Chipping ball into hoops










Kick ups




In five weeks time these results should improve, below is a results
table set over five weeks, with a average of each week





























































*On target/Scored

For each week I gave my self targets to reach, to allow for
progression. I altered each station accordingly.

Week 1

I started with doing two circuits with the same number of exercises
and the same number of reps per exercise. I did this because then I
would know if I needed to progress in certain exercises in the
circuit. For example I found the first exercise easy so I felt that I
needed to increase the number to allow progression, for future
benefits to help my fitness. I specifically spread out the exercises
to what muscles they concentrate on to allow rest for certain muscular
groups that have been perversely exercised. I generally followed the
pattern of legs, abdominal. I found this method of circuit training
suited my style. I completed in the first circuit in twelve minutes.
This time was respectable but I felt that I could easily decrease
this. In order to reduce the twelve minutes, the rest period was
decreased. As I haven't played sports for a period of time, after the
first circuit, I felt more able to carry out the second circuit. Due
to me being more able I ended up with a time of ten minutes.

Week 2

I felt that most of the exercises were easy and I needed to increase
the number to improve my fitness. I didn't increase the shuttle runs
too much because I don't what to over do myself at this early stage. I
also increased the number of sit-ups. At this time I could feel the
pain in my body. But I carried on trying my hardest. I found the
burpees very easy and again I felt that it needed to be increased. I
also increased the number of kick ups for the first circuit and
followed it with the same number on the second circuit. I found the
dribbling hard so I kept the same number on both circuits. I increased
the number of passes to give me more progression. The only exercise I
found very difficult was chipping the footballs into the hoops, so I
decreased the number. I believe I am improving in my fitness.

Week 3

The problem I had with this week was that the first session was done
very close to the second session. This affected me greatly as my body
hadn't fully recovered from the previous session. The only big
improvement I made was the number of shuttle runs. The minor
improvements I made were the sit-ups, shooting and the kick ups.

Week 4

I felt that both sessions this week went really well, this could be
some signs of improvement. I was working myself a lot harder than
usual; I reduced the recovery time from 1 minute to 45 seconds. I also
aimed a lot higher for each station, which gave me some positive
results. I began to experience the first real signs of muscle fatigue
in my leg, this was probably because I was working them a lot harder.
The level I was working at seemed to be right in order for me to
develop my muscular endurance.

Week 5

I felt that both sessions this week went really well, this could be
some signs of improvement. I was working myself a lot harder than
usual; I reduced the recovery time from 1 minute to 45seconds. I also
aimed a lot higher for each station, which gave me some positive
results. I began to experience the first real signs of muscle fatigue
in my leg, this was probably because I was working them a lot harder.
The level I was working at seemed to be right in order for me to
develop my muscular endurance.


In general my circuit program was successful, it tested each area of
fitness that I wanted it to.

Station 1, shuttle runs, this station was very successful by the end
of the 5 week period I had improved my speed as I did more runs in one
minute. It also improved my agility and the endurance of my quadriceps
and hamstrings. Station 2, sit-up exercise, this station was very
tiring, after each time I performed this exercise I could feel my
abdominal muscles becoming stronger. I improved throughout the 5
weeks. But as a whole I improved the strength and endurance of my
abdominal muscles. Station 3, chipping balls into hoops, I found this
exercise very difficult my accuracy and chipping ability improved
drastically. Station 4, shooting this station tested my shooting and
accuracy ability. This was one of the easier stations as shooting
isn't a very strenuous work out, although I did improve in the 5-week
period. Station 6, burpees, this I found was the most difficult as it
was very tiring and I had already done 4 other stations. This did
improve my agility, cardiovascular endurance, muscular endurance and
strength of the quadriceps and hamstrings. Station 7, dribbling, this
was a fairly easy exercise I have improved on my speed and ball
control, I noticed this in week five when I wasn't as tired as I was
the weeks before. Station 8, kick-ups, I am fairly good at kick-ups
already but by the end of the program I was able to keep the ball
under control at a lower height than what I started with. Station 9,
passing, this station tested my right and left foot, my accuracy and
my speed, my left foot has improved a lot by doing this exercise, my
right foot has slightly improved.

I found the circuit to be very intense and tiring, but very effective
as my circuit tested all the areas I wanted it to. I was very tired
though after completing each week of the program, my muscles were
aching and my heart and breathing rate had increased drastically. If I
were to perform the circuit program again I would start by having a
recovery time between each station, also I would make the exercise
time slightly less at the beginning of the program so I could get use
to doing the exercises gradually.

Although I had improved during the 5-week period I had only improved
slightly, so if I were repeating this program I would make it last 10
weeks so improvements could be seen more easily. Once the circuit
becomes too easy I would have to make it harder to affect plateauing.
If the circuit is not made harder the body will stop improving in the
areas of muscular endurance and anaerobic respiration. The body must
also train to prevent reversibility. This is when the affects of
training decrease and the benefits are lost. Overall I was very
pleased with the results it gave and found it a very enjoyable way to
improve on my football.
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