The Boy Who was Bullied to Death - Original Writing

The Boy Who was Bullied to Death - Original Writing

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The Boy Who was Bullied to Death - Original Writing

Sixteen-year-old Katie Shaw woke up breaking through layers of sleep.
She had dreamed that she could hear the thumping of the heavy orange
basketball her opposite neighbour and close friend used to play with
everyday. But she was wrong her mind was playing tricks with her, six
foot three inch Jordan Baker was eight foot under the ground buried
one week two days ago. Jordan and Katie were best friends ever since
nursery school, they went to the same high school and they both got a
place at the same college. Katie looked at her alarm clock; it was
only 6'o'clock the exact time Jordan used to practice his basketball
shooting on his diamond-patterned driveway.

She opened her lacy pink and white curtains and tied them back. Katie
then stood at her windowsill and looked out across the road at
Jordan's house. Oh, how she missed his teasing, the way he pulled her
long brown hair, the way they fought and the way they he played
basketball everyday just to disturb her sleep. Jordan had died two
weeks ago but it wasn't a normal death. It was terribly mysterious.

Katie and Jordan always stayed together they were known as one
Katie-Jordan. They also had one other close friend Mark. Mark was
devastated by the news of Jordan's death. He decided to leave the city
and move elsewhere. Katie hadn't seen him since.

Katie Shaw knew the secret of Jordan's young and mysterious death. She
had told the police. It was a very hard thing for Katie to talk about,
but she went through with it.

Jordan had been bullied to his death. Jordan was being bullied since
his first year at high school by two of the biggest boys in his class
Jamie parker and Jonathan Hill. His bullying started from little
things. They made him do their homework, bullied him for money and
even snatched his new mobile last year in front of mark.

Jordan told his mum a few times but after a few days his dad left them

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for another woman. His mum got really depressed and stayed out most of
the time. Jordan's mum didn't bother much about her son after his dad
left. But when the news of Jordan's death came she totally lost it,
she left her house, car and she didn't tell anyone where she was
going. Jordan's mum didn't even want to know how he had died.

Jordan always confided in Katie, he told her everything. Jamie Parker
and Jonathan hill were questioned the next day of Jordan's death. But
both of them said they know nothing and didn't see Jordan the day he
died. But Katie knew even if the didn't murder him they definitely
were the cause of Jordan's death. Katie used to tell Jordan to go to
the police about the bullies but he didn't listen to her, he was to
scared. He moved his class a few times, but they both knew Jordan's
phone number and address.

Katie had decided she wasn't going to sit back until Jonathan and
Jamie confessed how they twisted Jordan's brain. They used to say to
Jordan that he was mental and laughed when they found out Jordan's dad
had left them. In fact Jordan's brain was so screwed up he used to cut
open his arms with a knife. Katie once went to see him and he tried
covering his arms but there was red blood gushing everywhere. Katie
asked him what happened and he told her he was sick of his life and
wanted to die.

Katie comforted him and said she will sort something out. The next day
she went to Jonathan and Jamie and asked them what their problem was.
They said Jordan was fun to tease. Two days after she had said this to
them Jordan had died. He was found in the local park, his body leaning
against the biggest oak tree in the park. He was looking blue and
black all over, there were bruises on his face and there was blood
gushing out of his arms again.

"That's it" Katie said to herself. "I have to stop thinking about
Jordan and move on." She was looking in the mirror in her bedroom and
she was crying for the first time after Jordan's death.

She was thinking what it felt like being bullied and doing nothing
about it. "Of all people why did it have to be Jordan" she was
screaming now. Her mother came in and said

"Its ok sweetie, I know how you feel. Jordan was a great boy, but why
didn't he talk to anyone about his bullying problems?"

Katie still crying said "He did mum he told everyone, he told the
teachers, his mum and me. No one listened to him except me. But what
could I have done. I tried comforting him but I don't know what
happened. Everything happened so fast."

Her mum said " Katie put it behind you and move on. It's your first
day at college tomorrow make a fresh start. You have to face it. There
is no Jordan anymore." Saying this her mum went out of her bedroom.

Next day she went to college and Katie was about to explode when she
found out who was in her class, Jonathan and Jamie. They were giving
her dirty looks. But next day there was a really big surprise for
Katie, Jonathan and Jamie came up to her and said "We're really sorry
and we are both ready to go to the police. We didn't murder Jordan but
we did beat him up. A few punches here and a few kicks there but
please help us. Jordan is going to kill us." They were both babbling
on. At first Katie had no idea what they were talking about, but she
soon began to follow. If they were both lying, she thought, she would
kill them. They carried on and said how they had a dream about Jordan
and he was saying he was going to kill them and he wasn't dead.

At 6'o'clock they went to the police station together including Katie.
Jonathan and Jamie told them what they did to Jordan and the police
arrested them. They had a court hearing the next day. They both got a
hearing of eight months in prison.

Katie was smiling as she was walking home. She was about to open the
front door with her keys; she turned around and could have sworn she
saw Jordan with his basketball smiling at her. But she thought to
herself, it was nothing just my mind playing tricks…………
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