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Promotional Pop Videos

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Promotional Pop Videos

A promotional music video can be of many different genres. Some
factors are present in all videos whilst others are specific to the
aim of the song. The earliest example of a music video is Queen with
their single "Bohemian Rhapsody" which was shot and released in the
1970s. The video is very simple and effective and it helped the single
become of the most famous songs in the world.

Costumes are a very important part of a music video. The artist/s and
director have to decide the outfit/costume that the performer(s) will
be wearing in the video. In addition, in many videos the costumes worn
will change many times. Whatever the performer wears has to be
specific to the target audience of the video. It is also important
that the chosen outfits draw the audience's attention to the
performer. Finally, it has to be relevant to some of the connotations
and denotations that the artists want to emit. For instance, Britney
Spears in the video for "Hit Me Baby" was dressed as a promiscuous
school girl. This is because she wants to attract the attention of the
male audience. In addition, because she was sixteen at the time the
video was produced and released, the video is ironic because Britney
was still a student at High School in America. Another example of how
artists attract their audience is Peter Andre and his infamous
six-pack. This is used to attract the attention of his female

Directors are a massive part of any music video and it is imperative
that he/she is present if the vide is to be successful. Obviously, the
director will have a prominent influence over the video and this
doesn't always have to reflect the song being performed in the video.
Some examples of a director's influence over how a music video is
produced are videos directed by Hype Williams. He is extremely well
known around the world because he produces a lot of good quality and
highly successful music videos for a song in the style of hip-hop.

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Where the video is set will reflect the tone of the song in most
cases. For example, a song which sounds quite Caribbean may be set on
a beach in order to perceive a laid back feeling. Also, you may set a
video on a beach if the song which is accompanying the video is to be
released in the summer, because a beach connotates being hot. In
addition, a Caribbean song may be set in an urban, gritty area because
in these areas there is a vast population of people who have roots in
the Caribbean. An example of this is Misteeq's video "Be with me"
which is set in the Caribbean. Another method used to represent the
tone of the song is the use of Symbolism and Colour. For example, if a
song is to be release in the summer season the main colour seen in the
video may be red because red has connotations of signifying heat.

Sometimes videos are produced which include a narrative that runs
throughout the video. This can add meaning to the video and has been
proven to be a successful method in order to sell the single to the
audience. An example of hoe this can be used is in Eminem's video for
his single "Stan". This video is based on the main character's
relationship between his idol and his girlfriend. In addition,
personality is added to many modern videos in order to add meaning to
them. The video will reflect the performer's personality. One example
of this is Avril Lavigne's video for her debut single "Complicated".
As this was her first single she had released, the video is mostly
about her personality and mischievous nature. In the video she is seen
with a group of friends running around a shopping mall causing havoc,
which reflects her personality because she is a rebellious person.
Another example of the use of personality in a video is Tatu's video
for "All the things she said". They kiss each other in the video
because they are trying to show the audience that they are lesbians.

Technology and Sound Effects are used a lot in music videos to enhance
the video and make the video seem 'cooler' and make the video appeal
more to its target audience. This is a similar method which is
utilised by many film makers because they want to make their film seem
worth-watching and make it more enjoyable. Many music videos now also
employ this tactic. Michael Jackson is the main example of an artist
who uses technology and sfx to sell his single. He has produced the
two most expensive music videos ever made; his solo record is for his
single "Thriller" which cost $2 million dollars to make. Also, he
holds the record for the most expensive video made for a duet when he
produced the video for "Scream", a single which he sung accompanied by
his sister, Janet. This video is reported to cost around $5 million to

If an artist or bands are no longer together or alive then the record
company may produce a video in the style of a montage to promote the
single that they may have made before these rare circumstances.
Another method which is rarely used to produce a promotional video is
a one shot video. This means that there are no cuts made throughout
the duration of the video. This is a method rarely used because the
audience may find this type of video boring; therefore the video will
not be promoted in a good manner. Finally, dance is a method employed
by many videos in order to promote novelty songs in particular. One
example of many of these types of videos is Jennifer Lopez's video for
her single "Love don't cost a thing".

In conclusion, there are many different ways that a promotional music
video can be produced. However, these methods have to be successful in
order to convince the audience to go and buy the single being
promoted. I have only mentioned some of the ways a music video can be
made, but these are the most commonly used methods.
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