Underneath My Skin - Original Writing

Underneath My Skin - Original Writing

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Underneath My Skin - Original Writing

I am 15 years old, and I hate my life. My parents
are dead, I have no friends, I get bullied every day, and the worst of
it is that I can't do anything about it. I now live in Omaha, Nebraska
with my aunt, Patrice, who just made 21 and is never home. She is my
last living relative.

At school this kid named Brian messes me all the time. I never fight
back because I'm just peaceful like that. I get good grades (I have
nothing else to do with my spare time except homework). I earn my own
money by playing craps behind the school with loaded dice. That's why
I don't have any friends.

So I was walking home and here comes Brian with his sidekick Jim.
Brian says, "Hey punk how's it goin'?" Then Jim says, "Yeah punk." I
say, "I'm doing fine." "Gimme all your money, or my fist and your face
will become good friends." Then he pushes me. All of a sudden,
something came over and I just start wailing on the guy. I get up,
look at Jim and say, "You want some of this?" He stands there in fear
for a while and runs away. The rest of the way home I kept thinking
about what happened, thinking about what came over me. In the middle
of deep thought, I heard a voice say, "It was me." I looked around and
no one was there. So I blew it off and went on home.

I got home, laid on my bed still thinking about what happened. There
was that voice again, "It was me…. Makius." Now I knew something was
up. "Who's there?" I said. "You don't know me but I know you very
well," said the voice. "You know me," I said. The voice then said,
"Yes, I know about the time when someone tripped you and everyone
laughed. I know about the time when some bully stole your shoes, and
wore them the next day.

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I also know about that time in fifth grade you
got beat up… by a girl!" "Okay, cut the games. How do you know this
and I've never seen you? By the way, who are you?" I said. "You know
all those times you got angry, and you suppressed it?

Well…where do you think that negative energy went? I am Grane your
alter ego."

Then aunt Patrice came in (obviously drunk) yelling for me. "MAKIUS,
COME HERE! I need you to do something." So I went to her still
confused about Grane. "Clean your room and my room in one hour or your
grounded." she said. Grane, inside my head, said, "Watch this." All of
a sudden, that strange feeling came over me again. I called her
everything under the sun except a child of God. I didn't want to say
those things. Its like the words kept coming out mouth with no
control. It hurt her so bad she ran to her room crying.

The next day, I woke up thinking that it was just a dream, and set out
for school. As I stood in front of the school, still thinking it was
just a crazy dream. Then, out of nowhere, Grane's voice said, "School
will be fun!" "Oh no, it wasn't a dream, I thought! "Of course it
wasn't a dream, stupid. What, did you think that Patrice would be
asleep in her room after your so-called dream?" said Grane. "What the…
you can hear my thoughts?" I said. "I've been listening to you whine
since you were seven. Y'know, for a person who stays so quiet, you
sure have a lot to say," said Grane.

It's a very strange feeling when you realize that you have been viewed
like a TV show for eight years. It's an even stranger feeling when you
realize that the one person watching also knew every thought, feeling,
and mental picture you've had for eight years. I started to think
about all the personal things I've thought about over the years. All
the bad things better left thought than said, the ill feelings I've
held in, and those mental fantasies. It took a while for it to sink in
before I heard the school bell.

"Are we going to school or what?" he said.
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