Forbidden Love - Original Writing

Forbidden Love - Original Writing

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Forbidden Love - Original Writing

Shania looked across the table at Adam; his gorgeous glass- blue eyes
seemed as if they were deep oceans bearing precious treasures. He
squeezed her hand as they sat talking about their wedding; it wasn't
long to go now, just a matter of a few months, even-though that seemed
to be never-ending. Everything was prepared, Shania had always dreamt
of a perfect white wedding, and Adam wanted all her dreams to turn to
reality, hence everything was being decided by her. The 3-tier cake,
the stunning wedding dress, the decorations; everything was set and
ready, the couple knew that due to their careful and consistent
planning, nothing could ever go wrong. The café had become too
occupied as the lunch hour followed on.

"Lets go for a walk down town" suggested Shania as she got up from her
seat tucking the chair neatly under. Adam went to the till and paid
for their coffees before walking out of the stiff door.

"Life is a dream come true", exclaimed Adam as he walked down the
narrow lane hand in hand with Shania. However there was something they
didn't know, something that would sooner or later catch up with them
and ruin everything they had.

"I can't imagine myself with anyone else other than you, ya know" said
Shania confidently, this made Adam feel content that his relationship
with Shania was right. In the past they had felt insecure and
uncertain about the bonds they shared, but today everything was
different. There was nothing that could change their connection, or so
they thought!

"What time is that appointment of yours?" asked Adam, knowing that now
that they were going to take that one step further he would have to be
more responsible than ever.

"12.30" replied Shania "but they are always late these days anyway!"

"Well if we catch the 36b bus now we should get there at about the
right time I guess" recommended Adam.

"Yeah, we might as well, got nothing else to do anyways" said Shania

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reassuringly. Trips to the hospital happened to be quite common to
Shania and Adam, as both their parents had been unknown since birth.
They had spent their early years at the same orphanage until Shania
had been offered to be adopted by Mrs Firth. At this point in time
they had barely known each other, but it was later on when they
started the same Infant and Junior School that they got to know each
other. Since then they had been the best of friends, always there
supporting one another, overcoming both joy and sorrow jointly. Adam
always seemed to be sure than Shania was the one for him, he confessed
his love for her several times before she actually declared it too, as
Shania wasn't as sure. She believed that friends were to remain just
as friends. It was after a small incident by where Adam lost
connection with Shania that she learnt how much he meant to her and
that without him she was nothing. She began to realise that she
couldn't live without him, and that it was him that made her complete.
Soon after she visited him and told him about how she felt, luckily
for her Adam still loved her and accepted her. They have been going
out for 7 years now, it may seem unbelievable but it is true. Shania
works as a lawyer and Adam has a small business of his own, they had
been saving up for a wedding for some time now, Shania had decided not
to have an engagement and to get married straight away as this would
reduce the costs and the couple were not willing to wait much longer.
Everything was going perfect, just as they had wanted it to be. They
finally arrived at the hospital.

"Do you want anything to eat honey?" Adam asked Shania.

"No, I'll be alright thanks anyways, get yourself something if ya
like" replied Shania. She was relieved that this was to be the last
hospital appointment before their wedding, she was already sick of the
food. Ever since both Shania and Adam were little they had always been
curious to know who their parents were. It was a difficult task to
accomplish but they had their hopes high, today they were to find out
the results of the DNA test they had submitted not long ago. Although
the couple believed that all they needed was each other they were
anxious to know who their parents were. This feeling grew as they were
writing out the invitations to the wedding, they realised something
big was missing; and because this was to be the perfect wedding,
Shania was eager to seal up the feeling of absentness. The couple say
down in the waiting room, ready to be called on. Wasn't long till
their names were called and they made their way to the doctors room.
They weren't met by the usual doctor who they were used to seeing;
instead there was a different doctor.

"Good afternoon, I have some news for you" announced the doctor,
giving Adam and Shania a weird look as he noticed that he had his arms
round her, even though he tried not to think much of it. "After
studying your DNA samples I can confirm that your parents are Mr and
Mrs Brown who recently moved to New York, USA." explained the doctor.

"Are you referring to my parents or hers?" enquired Adam

"I am referring to both your parents!" exclaimed the doctor.

"I don't quite understand" said Shania.

"Ok. Both of you have the same parents, making you brother and sister"
said the doctor in a firm tone.

"Erm I think there is an error in that somewhere. I and Shania have no
biological connection, and we are to get married next month" said Adam
feeling confused. Shania was ahead of the game. She figured everything
out. She let go of his hand. Her mind was filled with thousands of
thoughts. Her eyes filled with tears. She looked across at Adam who
was stood there looking like a kid on his first day at school. She
couldn't bear it any longer. She left the room and walked down the
corridors to the exit, she stood outside for some fresh air.

"Adam is my brother" Shania repeated to herself several times. She
looked up to see Adam coming her way. She didn't know what to think.

"Am sorry" whispered Adam as he approached Shania. Shania couldn't
look him in the eye, she didn't know what to think, and she didn't
know which of her thoughts would be acceptable. Adam was feeling much
the same. Their wedding was no longer to be. Their dreams were ruined.
Shania believed that 'Every story has a happy ending, and if it's not
happy; it isn't the ending' however now, she was totally against it.
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