Current Year 1830 - Original Writing

Current Year 1830 - Original Writing

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Current Year 1830 - Original Writing

A pale young man looked outside the labs window but nothing could
pierce through that tough and black darkness outside." What we are
about to do must remain secret, it must remain between us, each and
every one of you have poured your blood into that container as a sign
of your sworn secrecy."

A second man no older than the first was also looking through the
window but somehow looked like he could pierce through and that he
noticed something moving." What we are about to do is a sign of
exploration, it is not a transgression, it is neither for good or bad,
but can be used for either, we will pour the elixir of life into this
being and there he shall live."

The lab was a very spacious place; it had several rooms each
containing alien artefacts and unearthly things." What we are doing
could destroy the world, what if something went wrong how we could
alone be held responsible for this, I-I-I t-think we should stop this
before we it gets out of our control." Said a very touchy and nervous
girl, he face was even paler than any of the others, she fell into her
knees and vomited all over the floor in a quick flush. She was
nervous. She was scared.

"What are saying?" Said the other female in the room, this one was
much more confident and ugly, not physically as she was very well
maintained but ugly in the head. "You can not back out now you stupid
bitch, you choose to be here, and now you have to live through that

"B-b-but what if it goes wrong, what if it goes into the wrong hands
it could cause Armageddon; I do not want to be responsible for that."

"It won't, now sit down you silly little girl, we will have to talk
about this later."

The six friends carried on developing their weapon regardless of its
effect, they worked day and night. Finally it was starting to have

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some affects, it was much more powerful now, it managed to kill a wild
boar in 3 days, and it had become much more intelligent as it waited
for the boar to get weak before attacking it. Each day, each hour,
each second it took form, it became stronger and smarter, it had
become so impressive that it had managed to say simply commands and
developed a strong figure. It was finally ready; it was ready to take
on a human.

"Hey what am I doing here, I fight I don't stand in dark cages."
Shouted a person who was being forced into the cage for what seemed a

"Your challenger is straight ahead of you, his sitting in the corner
meditating. I want you to try and kill it" said a man from the room
above them," If you are successful we will let you live."

He walked up towards the dark corner to see his challenger and
instantly froze at the simple glimpse of the creature, it was a man
but it didn't look like a man it seemed rather deformed and
horrendous, it seemed human but than it didn't, it opened a small
fissure on his face what seemed to be his mouth and started to speak
in the most formal tone.

"Why do you look at me like that? Do you fear me? Do you fear me
appearance or the knowledge of having non over me?" He said getting up
and smacking him in the throat killing him instantly.


Four years later


"I knew it he has escaped, he hated it here. He had no freedom, he
becomes too strong and too smart for us to keep, he had listened to
everything we had said, he knew everything, he knew what we were going
to use him for, and he knew that we were going to kill him, he knew
everything." Said the nervous girl again vomiting on the floor, this
time nothing came out just water mixed with hydrochloric acid from the
stomach, she had eaten nothing for days because she was so frightened.

"Only we know how to kill him, we must find him before he becomes too

Cried the pale young man as he stood up and equipped himself with what
seemed weapons.


Six months later


All of the six friends desperately searched for the menace but with no
luck they returned to their lab and carried on with their other

Once they got back the man was there to greet them, he looked much
more like a man now, but still had the horrifying look.

"You are back fathers and mothers; I am so pleased because many
questions I have to ask of you." He said starring with a rush of
excitement. "Why did you create me?"

"TO KILL YOU!" Screamed one of the friends while picking something out
of his pocket and stabbing it in the mans neck, he fell onto the
ground motionless.

"Is he dead?" said one of the girls.

"He will never die? We must seal him forever before he is ever
released, it might've been easier to kill him now but in 50 years time
it would become the devil.

49 years and 6 months later

"Hey everyone come here I think I've found something!" screamed an

The end.
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