Young People's Demands of New Ways Books are Published

Young People's Demands of New Ways Books are Published

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Young People's Demands of New Ways Books are Published

Story books have always been a useful tool to learn a language as the
benefits of reading a book include increasing the range of vocabulary
and being entertained. However, in my case, I find most story books
less entertaining than computer games. This means only a small portion
of books would keep me entertained. After many years of experience, I
have discovered myths, legends and stories which are related to
Japanese; Chinese or Egyptian deities are the ones which I am most
interested in. Perhaps this is because I am unfamiliar with gods from
these cultures and I believe humans are always interested in unknowns
or supernatural objects. But, books which fit in this genre, according
to my experience, are quite rare. This caused me to read less as I
grew older, because I was forced to read when I was young, but now, I
am not forced anymore and can only read books that interest me.

This is perhaps why most young people do not like to read. Therefore,
publishers and authors would have to find new ways to keep these
people interested and eventually buying their products. This means
that authors may find it very difficult to be successful if they just
write books and wait for consumers to buy them, as many books today
have turned into movies and games, as well as other types of
merchandise, for example, playing cards and action figures. Not only
do publishers and authors are able to find new ways of earning money,
but the benefit as well. This is because when a person sees a picture,
they may find it much easier to imagine the situation. The best real
life example of this happening would probably be the Harry Potter

At first glance, this book was based on an idea which is quite
popular, but the book, in my opinion, is one of the most successful
books ever written. This can be seen from J. K .Rowling's enormous
amount of wealth. This book managed to be sold world wide and

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translated in more than 20 languages, simply because it kept young
people interested, it found out the true demand for the ways books are
published. This demand has actually changed since the first time
novels have been made into computer games. Young people today are
demanding visual, audio, touch and perhaps smell and taste of
everything related to the books, because they know that, by using new
technology, that it is possible to have all these experiences. The
first two senses can be satisfied by using computer games, movies,
tapes and the actual book itself. Smell can also be satisfied nowadays
by special equipment which emits a smell whenever the computer sends a
signal. However, the last sense requires much more sophisticated
equipment, which according to my knowledge, has not been invented yet.

As a matter of fact, computer games are actually the same as books,
but instead of fixed ending and events, readers are able change what
happens and choose the way they wish the story ends. In other words,
computer games are interactive books full of computer generated
3-dimensional graphics and sounds.

To conclude, I think that readers today are demanding new ways of
publishing books. Firstly, more and more books are being made into
computer games and movies, for example Harry Potterand The Lord of the
Rings, as by doing this, more and more people will buy products
related to the book and eventually, the book will be popular as well.
Lastly, high-tech equipment are causing consumers to have a change in
demand for books, which causes a change in role, i.e. not only do they
want to see, but they also want to feel and hear.
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