Concepts or Moral Mantras

Concepts or Moral Mantras

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Concepts or Moral Mantras

How can one differentiate between fate and faith? These two concepts
are remarkably similar, yet there is a bit of difference between the
two. Are these concepts or moral mantras? The word "faith," implies
hope, loyalty, and a belief system which has no proof. "Fate," on the
other hand, implies resignation - a belief that things are predestined
before time existed, and that this simply falls into one's destiny.
This paper will delve into the question between fate and faith; how
can these words co-exist, yet be completely different entities?

Fate can be renamed as predestination, fatalism, or resignation, which
all denotes man's inability to do anything that, would change his
course in life. Believers in "fate" feel that God has ordained a
specific thing to happen, and it is going to happen. We cannot opt for
anything else to happen since there is only one outcome available.
This essence of fatalism is that the will can make no difference in
the outcome. (Collier's Encyclopedia 608) We are domed to follow
whatever is happening in our lives as if we were forever stuck on a

Faith is the ability to believe in something that is a concept, but
you may not be able to se it or touch it, ect. I have faith, when
making a telephone call that this process will result in a positive
experience. I cannot actually see the wires, ect. signaling the one
that I have phoned, but I still believe that it will happen
successfully. I also have faith that when I sit down in a chair, it
will not collapse or fall apart. This faith is based upon the many
successes that I have had and trust in the worthiness of my steadfast

I believe that faith is the basis of my ability to live life to its
fullest. As Dennis Kenny states, "there could very well be a God or
divine presence shepherding our fate." His idea of "fate" though,
indicates that we have the free will to follow God and believe that

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His presence alone will lead us in the positive way that we should
travel. This use of "fate and faith" is almost synonymous terms in
this example. These words take on similarities when used in the
concept of divine leadership and the person willing to walk on that
divine path.

Fate or fatalism could be described with the word commonly used today:
whatever. (Resignation1 of 5) I have no real power over what direction
my life takes me. What will be, will be, and acceptance is my only
option. Feeling overwhelmed is another indication of having to accept
fate. (Resignation or Hope 2 of 5) Intelligence or strength in order
to face life's ongoing challenges cannot aid in dealing with or
mending what life deals your way.

As a Christian and believer in Jesus Christ, I believe in Christ by
faith. The New Living Bible states in Luke 8:50, "Your faith has saved
you; go in peace." This was

stated by Christ when forgiving the sins of a women. While the
Pharisees believed that only God could forgive sin, they were shocked
to see a man named Jesus regarding himself as powerful as God. All
through the bible, there are passages where Jesus healed the sick and
hurting, but never once saying your works have healed you. No, he
always said that the faith of that certain person had truly healed and
made them new. They did not have the knowledge that Jesus Christ and
God were of the same. Only the act of faith, both by the women who was
forgiven, and to day by all who trust Christ to take away there sins,
can explain the fervent belief of forgiveness.

Another thing that I believe about faith is this; "faith allows us to
be flexible." Flexibility is the foundation of hope, while rigidity is
the cornerstone of despair. (Kenny?) Living by fate gives little hope
to our lives. We may be easily discovered, and we may create our own
failures because we believe in the inevitability of our experience in
life. When we have faith, we are not mere robots, but are living
beings that hunger for life, and are eager to taste each new day.

Living by faith also indicates that we are given goals in our life by
God. He is directing and continually teaching us. We really matter to
God! We believe that things can be different, and that our lives can
be changed and bettered through the understanding of faith. When
praying in faith, we are working with God to determine our future. The
words in the bible are not just everyday words. Though these words may
look the same, they are life changing, and powerful. Keeping this in
mind, it helps me to live my life to the extreme. Just how God
intended it to be, exciting!

Faith has even entered the medical arena. Studies have determined the
importance of religion, and specifically prayer; a part of faith.
Sacred scriptures, believed to be the board of God, have also added a
new dimension of hope, peace, and strength in oncology patients. It is
proven that secular hospitals need to incorporate an interfaith
approach, when meeting patient's needs. This would be uplifting, and
allow interaction between patients facing similar difficulties. Those
who have faith, rather than just accepting cancer as their "fate,"
have more positive attitudes and help the patient's families as they
go through the various cycles of hospitalizations, and painful
treatments that there loved ones must face.

Even though the bible mentions the word;" predestination," which means
fate, it does not imply that we are to be lazy or unfulfilled,
failures or worthless beings. It has nothing to do with negative
labels in our lives, but rather refers to us setting goals as given to
us by God. By setting our goals ahead of time, we then are able to
strive towards meeting those goals, and even exceed them. This is how
God intended life to be.
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