How much is life worth? - Original Writing

How much is life worth? - Original Writing

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How much is life worth? - Original Writing

"He's waiting for you," Mumbled a fellow sixth former who brushed past
Michael's left arm.

Michael gulped and lugged his bag over his tired shoulder and
proceeded to the tall black gate. He reached the gate; it was about
7ft tall with thin back metal bars. He looked over his left shoulder,
scanned the school and carried on walking. He went left heading
towards the car park that leads to the bus stop on the corner of the

As Michael went past a few cars he noticed a group of year 11's who
where also passing through the car park, he tagged along at the back,
put on his bright red cap on top of his spiked jet black hair, did up
the buttons on his blazer and kept low. This was quite hard for
Michael as he was 5ft 11 and the rest where a mere 5ft 7, so he
towered over them.

Michael reached the height limit bar of the car park when he saw Tom.
He ducked down behind the car but 1 of Tom's gang members had noticed
him. He owed Tom money from an mp3 player that Tom had stolen for him.
Tom was taller than Michael and had blonde hair. He was wearing a
baseball cap and a dark blue tracksuit. He was 17 like Michael but did
not go to school anymore.

"Oi!" Shouted Tom.

Michael kept quiet taking his red cap off and tucking it into his
black blazer. He started to move around the car.

"Oi Michael!" Shouted Tom for the second time.

Michael popped his head up and replied saying "What?"

"Where's my money?" Bellowed Tom "The full £100"

"Ummm?" Muttered Michael lost for words.

Michael stood still not knowing what to do. Tom walked over with his
gang closely behind him.

"I haven't got it today Tom, I'm sorry!"

"You said that yesterday and the day before I still aint' got a pound
of my money!"

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"Beat the money out of him!" Shouted one of the gang members.

"Yea stab 'im up blud!" Replied another.

Tom reached into his dark black blazer. He looked in and brought his
hand out. He had a knife grasped in his hand. He walked over to
Michael slowly, his gang stayed behind him.

"Please don't Tom!" Shouted Michael as he backed away from Tom. "I
will do anything!"

"It's too late now."

The knife was already in Michael's upper torso, blood soaking through
his pristine white shirt. With his last gasp Michael said "It was only

Tom prised the knife from Michael's failing body. His gang had already
dispersed out of the car park; Tom threw the knife into a thick bush
and ran to the bus stop leaving Michael in the middle of the road.

Pete parked up along side his 1884 Victorian Terrace house. He slammed
the door of his silver Ford Fiesta, and walked up the brown path. He
pulled out his key from his suit and opened the wooden door.

"Hello, anybody in?" He shouted up the stairs.

There was no reply, so he walked into the front room looked around and
went back into the corridor. He looked at the phone and checked for
messages, there were none. He started to dial the phone.

"Hello Mum?" he said down the phone.

"Okay! I'm coming now!"

Pete slammed down the phone put a jacket on and left the house. He
shut the door and ran to his silver car.

Pete reached Chase Farm Hospital and ran to the big green double
doors. He dodged through the patients and headed towards the

"Hello, how can I help you? Asked the blonde haired women at

"Where's my brother?" Replied Pete

"What is his name?"


"Michael what?"

"Michael Kensitt."

"Okay I will check on the computer."

The blonde receptionist started typing on the computer rapidly
searching for Michael's room number.

"Michael Kensitt is in room 21!"She said whilst still staring at the
computer screen.

"First left and then fourth door on the right."

Pete turned around and sprinted towards the room. He reached room 18
and moved on to the next door 19 then 20 then 21. He looked through
the double glazed glass of the door. He could see Michael lying in the
middle of the bed, Michael looked lifeless. No colour in his face at
all. He opened the door slowly to see his Dad and his Mum at the

"How is he?" he asked as his sat down on the chair next to his Mum.

"Were just waiting for the results now." She said whilst grasping his

There was total silence for a whole 10 minutes with them all just
staring into Michael's eyes. The Doctor entered the room and was
looking very disappointed.

"It's bad news isn't it?" Asked Michael's Mum standing up.

"Yes it is I am afraid." Replied the Doctor. "It is unlikely that he
will survive!"
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