Voting is a Waste of Time and Effort

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Voting is a Waste of Time and Effort Intro All of us here will have the chance to exercise their vote in the not to distant future - 3 or 4 years. However will you choose to do that? Will you bother to spend 2 minutes of your day to write a single x on a form? Or perhaps you'll remain at home and just leave it to others. History We look at ourselves today and think we are a mature, cultured democracy. We pride ourselves on equal rights, women having the opportunity to do any job they fancy, great benefits - free education, health care etc. However we look down our noses at any other race that thinks otherwise. This all being said it is only in the last century that both sexes earnt the right to vote. Up until 1918 men could only vote if they were landowners or wealthy. But with the Representation of the People Act all men were entitled to vote at the age of 21 and women but only from the age of 30. Women, especially, have been through a very passionate campaign to gain the right of suffrage. Mass demonstration, arson, jail sentences, hunger strikes etc. for about twenty years finally getting a form of vote after their support in the Great War. Time has now moved on and progress has resulted in both sexes having the right to vote at 18. If they were around now they would be disgusted with the complacency that contemporary voters find themselves with. Last Elections In the last elections voter turnout was the lowest ever. 55% of possible voters turned out to spend those 2 minutes. Of those voters about 40% voted for the labour party. This means that only 1 in 4 of all voters actually voted for the government. More people voted in Big Brother and pop Idol. What are the implications of not voting? If we were not to take the opportunity to vote we could lead ourselves into a dictatorship; we all remember Hitler, Mussolini.

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