The Architecture and Features of a Place of Hindu Worship

The Architecture and Features of a Place of Hindu Worship

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The Architecture and Features of a Place of Hindu Worship

There are many different places of Hindu worship and each one has its
own special or unique features but there are certain features that are
present in all places of worship. Hindus go to worship god at many
different mandirs or they worship god in their own home, in the ghar
mandir. All types of mandirs whether they're traditional or not, are
special. Murtis are essential in a mandir. The murtis are the statues
of god, which have a godly presence in them, and of course without god
there would be no point in having a place of worship. In all mandirs,
people, to show respect to god, must observe silence. This is apart
from when artis are being done.

In all traditional temples there are great architectural features.
Most traditional temples are very appealing to tourists, mainly
because of they a built up. Traditional mandirs are usually made up of
pieces of carved marble or stone. They have murtis made of carved
marble as well sometimes. Most of these traditional types of mandirs
are found mainly in India.

An example of a traditional temple in the U.K is the Swaminarayan
Mandir in Neasden, London (biggest outside India). Like most
traditional temples it is a great landmark place of worshipping. It is
mainly made of marble but also some stone. Inside, there is a haveli,
an exhibition and the actual place of worship. In the actual place of
worship there are the murtis of god, there are carved statues in the
centre of the spiral, dome shaped ceiling and also there are many
breathtaking carved features. In the place of worshipping there are
the murtis of many different Hindu gods. On the outside there are also
some carved statues attached to it. All mandirs are special, even if
they are not the traditional types.

At the front, on the outside, there are great steps leading towards
the part of the mandir where the worshipping takes place, which are
only used sometimes.

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On the top of the mandir there are little dome
shapes, which have flags on them. In front of the outside stairs there
is an arc, which has also been carved brilliantly. The entire mandir
is made from carved marble and stone except for the haveli, where
things such as the annakot festival and assemblies by the saints are
held. Overall the Swaminarayan mandir in Neasden is quite an
astonishing place of worshipping with some brilliant features.


The mandir leaders all have many roles and functions that they have to
perform. Guiding people on the right path in their lives is one of
them. The leaders in a mandir are considered as gurus and or spiritual
guides. The roles of the saints in a mandir are important to our
everyday lives and they help to lead our lives in right directions.

The mandir leaders have many duties other than the role of giving us
guidance, such as their own devotion to god. They devote their lives
mainly in worshipping god. They don't have greed and they lead pure
and simple lives. With the importance of their own worshipping comes
the importance of giving the devotees regular speeches so that the
devotees can lead similar lifestyles to theirs. However devotees
wouldn't lead lives as pure as them because there are many things
influencing them, such as television. Mandir leaders can help one to
attain moksha.

One of the main jobs of mandir leaders is to make sure that we are not
influenced greatly by some things. To make sure of this they give us
daily tips on what is right and what is wrong. By doing this they not
only help us in leading better-influenced lives but by doing it they
fulfil one of their functions of teaching others the right religious
beliefs. The saints are always there when needed to give advice or to
tell us the right things to do. The saints often tell us religious
stories that have morals or meanings, so that we can use them in our
lives and use them as examples of what we should do. The teachings
from the saints usually come from holy books. The saints often teach
us not to treat others, as you would like them to treat you and also
not to be selfish.

The leaders of mandirs have to be true gurus and they must:

1. Be a realised soul or an advanced one in the spiritual path.

2. Have a special capacity for guiding the devotees or students
according to their fitness.

3. Be unselfish and motiveless.


Mandirs play many important roles for people in the local community.
The mandirs are all there for a certain reason and that reason is to
give us a place to worship. Although we can worship god in our ghar
mandirs, it is not the same as worshipping and praying to god from a
mandir or temple. I think that if there were no mandirs in the world
then many people would not worship god as much as they do now.

Most people only go to mandirs for special occasions, or the important
festivals and if the mandirs were not there then the people wouldn't
care about the festivals as much. This cannot be a good thing because
if that were the case then the importance of these festivals would
drop. To succeed on the spiritual path you need to be a proper devotee
to god and that can't happen unless you take part in some religious
festivals or occasions if not all of them. This is because taking part
in the religious festivals is part of worshipping god.

The temples and mandirs are also there to make us look forward more to
worshipping God. This is because when we do go to the mandirs we often
dress up nicely and in some cases we even go to mandirs or temples as
part of social gatherings with our friends or family. Going to mandirs
as part of social gatherings isn't the right reason to go to them, but
this does sometimes happen to many of us. In a way the mandirs act as
attractions to go and worship god, which means that a mandir in our
lives is necessary. With the mandirs being there it gives a reason to
go out on a weekend day. This can give us an extra outing and the
prospect of worshipping god may me more enjoyable to us.

The mandirs and the temples have a function of filling us with
enlightenment. When we see the features inside these mandirs we often
fall in awe and astonishment, as they are so beautiful. When we visit
a mandir we often leave filled with plenty of enlightenment and
wisdom. This enlightenment or wisdom comes from either the leaders of
the mandir or by us seeing the murtis and all the wonderful features.
This enlightenment that we attain can make us want to visit the mandir
and to worship god more often. In a way the mandir has the function of
making sure that we do worship and pray to god.

I think that without mandirs in the world, our lives would be very
dull and our lives wouldn't be fulfilling. The mandirs give a place
for people to celebrate a major festival and also a place for people
to go to get away from the rest of the outside world. You can go to a
mandir to attain inner peace and excelling on the great spiritual
path, which leads to god.
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