Film Review: The Butterfly Effect

Film Review: The Butterfly Effect

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Film Review: The Butterfly Effect

This turbulent quest for identity is ideal for those seeking a deep
and eerie brain teaser with not just twists, but smart twists.

Rather like the mood of Donnie Darko but lacking real quality of its
actors it's a long course of tragedies experienced by the adolescent
Evan Trebhorn who has had a pretty tough life. All in all he has been
molested as a boy, has participated in serious teen vandalism and has
watched his dog burned to death whilst he is hit by a large wooden
plank. Like his mental father he suffers from an estranged brain
disorder that blacks-out harmful memories of significant events in his

However, years later we see the matured Evan (Kutcher) who, despite
his early traumatic experiences is a double psych major, liked by
everyone- predictable? Not so when he discovers how to revisit his
past blackouts and altar the future.

As you can imagine with each time alteration comes something
unexpectedly terrible in the present, soon he is thrusting himself
into every missing moment of his childhood looking for another chance
to fiddle with history and set things right (or at least try to). Of
course the tragedies get greater and greater so it's hard to remain
serious after the third attempt from Mr. Fix It, but it's a movie
after all.

Ultimately Evan manages to blow himself apart, kill his childhood
sweetheart only to bring her back as an addict whore and give his
mother lung cancer. Oh, I almost forgot, he does manage to help one
person; the disturbed dog-murderer turned Christian who steals Evan's
perfect life.

Oddly enough, despite the drastic changes around him that painfully
flood his mind with new memories his personality, psyche and hairstyle
remain the same.

It may be said that Ashton Kutcher, like Keanu Reeves, is only capable
of playing the comical idiot from hits such as "Dude Where's My Car?"
.And it is clear that he doesn't have the emotional heft for us to

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genuinely feel his inner suffering, but he carries the movie
believably enough and we all benefit from his boyish turned rugged
looks, which, to be honest is the reason for his existence as an

Well done Ashton, not bad for your fist step but I'd stick to your hit
series "Punk'd" and other light hearted treats for now.

"The Butterfly Effect" is a lot to get your heads round and I don't
suggest it as a 'cuddle-up-on-the-sofa-with-some-wine' kind of film,
but overall it's a must see. The film is intriguing and rather daring
of Bress and Gruber to tackle the raw teen violence image rather than
portray them as innocents, incapable of evil.

Its twister and raw but full of unique inspiration that is rare in the
thriller industry. There may not be another around for a while so I'd
suggest you too become tangled in this eerie tragedy and see it for
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