The Noachide Code

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The Noachide Code

The Noachide code is a covenant between God and all humanity. It is
the first of three covenants made by God. The Noachide code consists
of seven laws of the children of Noah; these seven laws are considered
the basic framework of morality and define Judaism

The number of laws is the number of colours in the rainbow and is the
number of days it took to create the earth, 7.

The Jews believe that everyone can be led to God as long as they
follow the Noachide code, even if they aren't Jewish because the
Noachide code is for all humanity.

The seven laws of the children of Noah are:

v Not to deny God.

We should never worship any idols because that would be denying God as
our only God and God being the only god.

v Not to blaspheme/curse God.

"And he who utters the name of the lord blasphemously…both the
stranger and the resident alien…"

v Not to Murder.

An example of murder is when Cain killed Abel.

" And Cain spoke unto Abel his brother. And it came to pass, when they
were in the field, that Cain rose up against abel his brother, and
slew him" genesis 4:8

As well as murder we are not allowed to fight because of aggression
but we are allowed to fight if it's for self-defence. If a mothers
life or reproductive system is not at risk we are not allowed to abort
a foetus, we are also not allowed to commit suicide or assist a
suicide, however the 6 other laws are allowed to be broken in order to
save your life.

v Not engage in forbidden sexual relationship such as insect,
adultery, etc.

In the Tanach it says that to see someone naked is as if you are
having sex with that person, and it says in Torah that if you see your
mother naked it is as if you era seeing your father naked.

v Not to steal.

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When Joseph's brothers were blamed for stealing. When they were
waiting to find out who had stolen they all hoped they were not the
stealer. They are afraid of being blamed. Clearly in Egyptian culture
stealing is illegal.

v Not to eat a limb off of a live animal.

This is continued into Kashrut.

We are not allowed to eat flesh with its blood in it because blood is
life and if something has blood in it is still alive. We are also not
allowed t eat live animals because it is cruel and would make them
suffer pain.

v To set up courts to ensure obedience to the other six laws.

This also allows Noachide communities to make other laws the society
needs, as long as they don't go against the other six laws.

B) Why might remembering the slavery in Egypt and the Exodus be
important for Jews today?

Many parts of the Exodus are linked to the Noachide code because they
go against at least one of the laws.

In Egypt when the Jews were slaves they worshipped Idols this was
against the Noachide code as the first law is not to deny God, in
worshipping the idols they were denying god as the one and only God
and if God hadn't come and taken us out of Egypt then we would be
worshipping idols still. Another time that the Jews denied God was
when Moses had gone up mount Sinai to get the Torah the people made a
golden calf and worshipped it, and another time they denied God was
when they went against God and Moses in the wilderness they id this
many times.

When the Jews left Egypt they took back their freedom to choose what
to do and their free will. The Egyptians stole their freedom; this was
against the Noachide code as the fifth law is not to steal. If God
hadn't have taken us out of Egypt then we may have ceased to be as a
people and there would never have been the Jewish race, we may have
taken on the Jewish way of life and there may have only been about a
handful of Jews left today. If God hadn't have taken us out of Egypt
then we would never have got the torah and we wouldn't have believed
in God and we wouldn't be free.

However not all the things that happen in Exodus are against the
Noachide code, the covenant at mount Sinai was similar to the Noachide
code because the Noachide code was the basics and the covenant at
mount Sinai was a continuation of the Noachide code as the 613
commandments tell us and teach us how to live our lives.

C) " If we obey the Noachide code we don't need to obey the rest of
the laws."

If we only obey the Noachide code then we would be ignoring all the
other laws we have been given, every law is important because God gave
all of them to us and so if we ignore them then we are ignoring God.

If we don't follow all the laws and just follow the Noachide code then
our lives and religion would be very different from the way it is e.g.
we wouldn't be eating fully kosher as the Noachide code only has the
basics. Some people may say this would be better because it would cost
less and be easier to find meat, as kosher food is expensive and hard
to find.

Some people would agree that the Noachide code is the basics of
Judaism and is the foundation of Judaism and Gods laws, is the
beginning of Kosher and stresses the importance of family life and
life itself but every other law is important too because together they
make Judaism.

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