An Argumentative Informal Composition on Mullah

An Argumentative Informal Composition on Mullah

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An Argumentative Informal Composition on Mullah

Ever dream of having your pockets full of cash or swimming in a pool
of green backs? Well, dream on unless you're an adult. It is pretty
obvious that teenagers are far off from having our hands full of cash
because of lack of experience in money matters, tendency to waste it
on unpractical things, and the possibility of getting taken advantage
of or robbed by a much more mature adult.

Adolescents clearly have much to learn on how to manage resources. It
is not enough for a teen to take economics class and then become the
president of the International Monetary Fund! It takes years of
experience and studies until they are able to have the capacity to be
responsible enough to handle a lot of money.

Take myself, for example. I do not know why, but I have the gift of
losing 500 bucks in one day without realizing where it went to!
"Geez!" my dad would exclaim, "It couldn't have just flew off and
bought itself a nifty new leather wallet!" But to add insult to
injury, I retort, "Why not?" But I knew he was right. Only time will
tell when teens, like me, will be trustworthy to handle huge sums of

The most likely thing to happen though is for teenagers to piss all
their money away on useless things. In J.D. Salinger's The Catcher in
The Rye Holden Caulfield, the narrator of the story is found to be a
real spendthrift. He starts out with a lot of cash from his crazy rich
aunty, who loves doling out cash, and ends up bankrupting himself by
pissing it all away on a hotel even though he could have

just gone home, on a cab when he could have just walked, in a bar
where minors like he should not go to, a prostitute whom he did not
even touch, and on a movie with a person whom he would eventually
lose. Wow. Now he is the best example of a typical teenager

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squandering his money on useless things.

Some mean adults just love taking advantage of young, gullible, and
innocent teenagers. They just cannot resist the urge to squeeze a
little cash from these "punks." One poor soul who got victimized was
our hero from earlier: Holden. After hiring a hooker for five dollars,
the elevator/ pimp called Maurice, who gave Holden the offer, asked
for five more bucks. Being the stubborn kid that he was, Holden
refused and got sacked in the guts while the hooker got five dollars
from his wallet. Teenagers like Holden have a chance of losing their
money to people willing to "screw" them over.

On the other hand, some teenagers do get a taste of early
responsibility from their parents. These trusting parents think that
if their "kids" get a chance to experience money management, they
would learn to appreciate the value of money. Whether the adolescents
lose all the money in one big spend or wisely economize what they have
does not matter. As long as they "learn something" from it. But I
think that it is a huge risk to take. The money used for these
"experiments" could have been used for more practical things like
savings, food, college, and the list goes on. Why waste the dough now
on a fifty- fifty percent chance of a successful experience. Why not
save the money now for the kids later on when they are older?

Adolescents can not be depended on to hold on to large amounts of
money because they do not have the know-how to keep money, are
inclined to spend it on unpractical things, and can get scammed or
robbed by older people. Teens can eventually manage their money on
their own in a few years or so. But for now, thy just have to be
content with the wee bits of mullah they have.
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