The Quality of Life for the Residents of Canterbury

The Quality of Life for the Residents of Canterbury

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The Quality of Life for the Residents of Canterbury


For this Investigation I have decided to study the City of Canterbury.
Canterbury is in the South East of England, and is fairly close to
both London and the port of Dover.

In this study I aim to address the Key Hypothesis: 'The Quality of
life for the residents of Canterbury is affected by their location
within the city' along with the sub-hypotheses -

1. The age of housing gets younger towards the edge of the city.

2. The Density of housing decreases and the size of garden increases
towards the edge of the city.

3. The Quality of the housing and that of the environment increases
towards the edge of the city.

4. House prices increase towards the edge of the city.

5. The Quality of amenities increases towards the edge of the city.

To aid me in my coursework I will have to conduct studies in two areas
of Canterbury. The first is The Barton Estate, on the outskirts of the
city; the other is Martyr's Field, near to the city centre. I will
collect information by doing a residential land survey, a building
condition survey, an environment survey, a pavement and litter survey,
a ten-minute traffic survey, an amenity survey, a questionnaire of
local residents views and Field sketching of houses in the area. I
will collect exactly the same information in both areas.

To help me draw answers to these hypotheses I will have to look
through evidence I have collected during fieldwork, extra information
from independent sources such as books, and people, and sort through
maps and graphs to provide answers.

I will also use Burgess' Urban land use model, and Hoyt's Urban Land
use model, (See over page.) and I will compare these models with
Canterbury to decide which one Canterbury appears to be like.

The primary aim of this study is to discover the quality of life for

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the residents of Canterbury, and compare it to their location within
the City. The other hypotheses, numbered 1-5 above, will help me to
determine which area has a better quality of life.

These hypotheses will be explored in my research and explanations and
will be answered overall in my conclusion.

Explanation of results - Housing types and condition

A typical house on Barton Estate is fairly modern looking, while a
typical house in Martyrs Field appears to be older. In Barton Estate
most houses are either detached (31%) or semi-detached (39%), which
draws a strong dissimilarity to Martyrs Field where most of the houses
are terraced (46%) or semi-detached (47%). These results can be seen
from the field sketches. The majority of houses on Barton Estate seem
to have more parking, and garden space in the grounds of their houses,
while in Martyrs Field, space is more limited with no off-street
parking, and not much garden space.

From census data I have gathered it is clear that in Martyrs Field
there is a lesser number of owner-occupied housing than in Barton
Estate. In Martyrs field there is also a greater number of houses that
are either council or privately rented. This could possibly be because
of its easy accessibility to the centre of Canterbury, and this would
be useful to students at the City's Universities and Colleges. Houses
in Barton Estate have a higher number of owner-occupied residents and
less rented accommodation and this is possibly because it is on the
outskirts of the city, further away from the Universities and

In Martyrs Field, I studied roughly 48 houses, out of these houses, 22
were terraced and 26 were semi Detached, and this indicates that all
the houses are in a small proximity of each other. In Britain and
average of 3 people live in every house so the average number of
people in the area I have studied is 144. In the area of Barton Road I
studied there are 3 detached houses, 14 semi-detached, 1 Bungalow and
7 semi-detached; this means that there is an average of 75 people.
This means that there is less crowding in Barton Estate.

The average age of a resident in Martyrs Field is between is between
15 and 64, Barton Road's average is also the same. This evidence shows
that both areas are suitable for families and young people.

In Barton Estate there is a higher number of people with a car than in
Martyrs Field, this is probably because it is further from the city
centre than Martyrs Field.

In both of the areas I have studied there is roughly the same amount
of houses with Toilets, hot water and a bath. There are also an
equally low number (average of 5%) of households with more than one
person sharing one room.

How does the condition of houses differ between the two areas?

In Barton Estate there is little deterioration of walls, but a lot of
peeling paint on houses, there is a small amount of displaced roof
material, there are several broken gutters, some structural damage
e.g. - Settling cracks, there is an average amount of rotting timber
and a few houses with sagging roofs.

In Martyrs Field, there is a lot of wall deterioration and peeling
paint. There is quite a large amount of structural damage, rotting
timber and sagging roofs.

It appears that the quality of houses differs because the houses in
Barton Road have been much more recently built than the houses in
Martyrs Field. This will mean that the houses on Martyrs field will
need more building work and repairs, as the houses have been there for
much longer.

Which area has had the most home improvements?

From the results of the building conditions survey, it is evident that
Martyrs Field has had the most home improvements, however from the
councils planning permission website, I have discovered that the
Barton Estate has made more applications for home improvements.

Explanation of results -

The amenities

Distance/Direction Diagrams -

On Barton Estate the local shop is to the South-West of the community.

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