A Horror Story - Original Writing

A Horror Story - Original Writing

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A Horror Story - Original Writing

It was a windy night. John was home alone,because,his Mom and Dad had
gone out to dinner.John was doing his homework,because,he was bored.

After a half an hour John rang his girlfriend up.He asked her to come
over and bring her girlfriends with her,because,his friends are coming
too.His girlfriend(Mary) said; 'okey,I'll come and I will bring my
friends with me too'.What Mary did not know was that John had an
plan.Not just a plan but an evil plan.

After half an hour Mary and her two best friends(Julie an
Monica)arrived.'Hi sweety' said Mary.'Hi honey' replied John. John
told the girls to come in.Mary asked John 'where are your friends'?
John said'they are coming in a few minutes'. Mary believed that.

Julie and Monica put some music on and started dancing. John asked
Mary to go upstairs with him. At first she said 'no,that is not a good
idea'. John asked her again'please,come upstairs with me'. This time
Mary said'okey'. He took her upstairs and he closed the door. And he
even put some music on so that Julie and Monica could not hear them.
John and Mary started dancing. John wanted to go futher but Mary did
not want that. She told him to stop but John did not stop. Mary
started to screaming but her friends could not hear her. 'Please stop'
said Mary.

'No ,if you scream again,I will kill you'said John. Mary screamed
again. John grabed a knife and killed his own girlfriend. John hid the
body quickly.John went downstairs like nothing happend. Mary's friends
asked John 'where is Mary'?John told them she's dead. The girls did
not believe it and started laughing. John replied'I am not joking,she
is really dead, I killed her and you two are next'. The girls were
quiet and afraid.then John started laughing and closed the front door.
Julie started crying and grabbed Monica by the arm.' Don't be afraid,
this will only take a minute' said John. He grabbed the knife and took
Monica by her hair and he stabbed her four times.

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Julie started
running and looked for open doors and windows. She found a door that
wasn't closed. She ran as fast as she could. John ran afer her,but he
couldn't catch her. So he screamed at her'if you tell anyoe I will
kill you'. Julie kept running as fast as she could until she got home.
She went up to her room and stayed there the whole night. The next
morning Julie's mother came to her room and wok her up. 'wake up
Julie,you've got school today' said Julie's mother. 'I am not going
today' said Julie. 'yes you are,wake up' said her Mom.

when Julie got to school she was very quiet and very afraid. Everyone
asked her 'were are monica and Julie'. She told everyone 'I don't
know,I haven't seen them since yesterday'. Julie avoided John the
whole day. When the bell went off Julie quikly went home. She was glad
that she did not see him.

The next day Julie did not go to school. She skipped school and wnet
to the park instead. When she got home julie's teacher called her
mother and told her that Julie did not come to schoolthat day. Julie's
mother was very angry. She told Julie that she never can skip school

Julie went up to her room and stayed there the whole night again, but
this tim she got a phone call from someone. She did not know who it
was. The person who called her said ' I know that you are afraid and
you better be',but after the voice said thet,she knew that it was John
right away. Julie very frightend. And put the phone down.

The next morning when Julie woke up, her mom told her that Monica's
mother and Mary's mother had called and asked if Julie knows where the
girls are. 'Do you know something about Mary and Monica?' asked
Julie's mother. ' No ,I haven't seen them in a while,I don't hang
around with them any more' replied Julie. 'Why not'? asked her mother.
'We just don't any more' said Julie. And walked away. Her mother knew
that something was going on with Julie,but she did not know what it
was. She went up to her room looking for an answer. After looking for
a long time she still has not found any clue.

When Julie got to school she saw John at the lockers. She quickly
walked away. she went to het own locker. And found there a note from
someone. She note said:

''Dear Julie,

I know that you are afraid.

Why dont you just go to the police

and gine him in(you know who I am talking about).

I saw everything that night.

I watch you every time and I see that you avoid him.

And you can't do that everyday.

Just do it for your friends and give him in today.

Ps:I am someone who you don't talk to,but you do know me.

Bye bye...''

Julie did not have a clue who the person was, but she thought the
whole day. After school was out she still did not knew who it was.

When Julie got home she saw a police car in front of tere house. She
was very scared. When she went in a police man was standing by the
door. And told her to come in and to sit down,because they wanted to
talk to her. When she sat down the police man asked her if she knew
where Mary and Monica are. She said 'no I haven't seen them in a
while. 'When was the last time'? asked the police man. 'I don't know'
said Julie. 'How can you not know when it was'? said the police man.
'I just don't remember,okey' said Julie.'Tell us now if you know
something' said the police man. Julie was quiet for a minute. 'I know
nothing,if i knew something I would tell you' replied Julie. 'alright'
said the police man. The police man left after that.

The next morning a boy came up to Julie and asked her why she did not
tell the truth to the police. Julie could not believe her ears. She
asked him how do you know that. He said I just know. Then Julie
remembered the note the got. And asked the boy 'were you the one that
wrote me the note'?. The boy did not reply and just walked away. When
Julie was going to her lesson the saw John in the hallway. He grabbed
her by her arm and kissed her. After that he told her that she had
been a good girl and that she kept her mouth shut. Julie got fed up
with the whole John thing and was very angry. When she got home was
very quieted. Her mom was sitting in the livingroom and asked Julie to
join her. Julie said I can't, I've got homework to do. 'No come here'
said her mother. 'what is wrong with you? Why are you acting like this
these couple of days?' Asked her mother. 'I've got a lot on my mind'
said Julie. 'young lady tell me the truth do you know something about
the missing of Mary and Monica"? Julie was quiet. Her mother asked her
the same question again. 'Yes, I do' said Julie. And she started
crying. ''what's wrong'? asked her mother. 'they are dead' said Julie.
Her mother was shocked. 'John killed them' said Julie. 'what'? you
have to go to the police and report this' said her mother. ' I know
,but I' am afraid that John is going to kill me' said Julie.' No he
isn't going to kill you, how can he do that if he is in prison' said
her mother. 'okey would you come with me that'? asked Julie. 'Of
course, if you want me to' said Julie's mother.

Julie and her mother went to the police station and reported John. The
same day they arested John. And he confessed everything. He even told
the police where he hid the body's.

John got 6 years in prison. Julie was very happy when she heared that.
She got her live back again. She was very happy about that. She lived
happily ever after.......
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