Investigating Mercy Killing

Investigating Mercy Killing

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Investigating Mercy Killing

By euthanasia is understood an action or an omission which itself or
by intention causes death, in order that all suffering may be
eliminated. Euthanasia is one of the most controversial topics in the
public's opinion. The question of euthanasia must be answered from an
ethical standpoint. Our Creator God has concluded the number of days
we are to live on this earth, He created us in his image and declared
all human life precious. Therefore we are at no liberty whatsoever to
take the life of any innocent human being no matter what conditions
they may fall under.

Once it has been decided that there are some conditions that should
make it possible to legally take a human life, then murder becomes a
slippery slope. How can taking life be justified if we do not have a
certain standard, who then has the power to determine the value of
life or the worth of a human being? If a law is put into place making
euthanasia legal would this law really be able to cover every
situation and every grey area?

Euthanasia is morally wrong whether voluntary or not, it protects the
rights of one group while discriminating against the rights of
another. The legislation of euthanasia aims to protect the rights of
the young and healthy while discriminating against vulnerable members
of our society, specifically the aged, sick and lonely. Likewise the
legislation of abortion protects the rights of the mother to have
control of her body while discriminating against her baby's right to
life. If euthanasia were to become legal world wide it would send a
message to the vulnerable people, elderly, sick, depressed or
distressed, that they can request an early death as an easy way out.
These people however should be encouraged by care and support of life
and not seek death.

Our leaders should strengthen the rights of the vulnerable in our
society, their right to be protected form the pressure to end their
own lives. Their right to live the last days of their lives with love

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and care from their families and caregivers, without the presence of
euthanasia looming over them, casting a shadow of fear and suspicion
in the last years of their life.

Correlated with the problem of euthanasia is the question of living
wills. A living will is a document written in advance to give
instructions regarding medical care where the person is no longer able
to do so directly. However there are numerous problems with these
living wills. The language used is often vague and leaves much room
for interpretations. Another problem is that no one can foresee all of
the particulars relating to a future illness or injury. No one really
knows what he would want to be done in the case of heart attack,
stroke or cancer ten years before it occurs, it is even possible for
new treatments to be developed that did not exist when the living will
was written. So therefore someone who would have been able to live
longer because of these new advancements would be killed because of
this living will.

It must be stated firmly that nothing and no one should in any way
permit the killing of an innocent human being, whether a fetus,
infant, adult, elderly person or someone suffering from an incurable
disease or is dying. This is a violation of the divine law, an offence
against the dignity of the human person, a crime against life and an
attack on humanity.

In conclusion once euthanasia is legalised it will not only be the
dying that will want this merciful end but others. Soon pain free
patients who feel that their medical condition leaves them with no
real quality of life, depressed teenagers, the mentally ill,
handicapped children whose parents wish them to be dead, infants with
severe disabilities will all be killed unnecessarily. We do not have
the right to take the life of someone nor authorise it for it was not
us who made life but God and He is the only one with the authority to
take back what He gave us.
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