Comparing Broadsheet and Tabloid Newspapers

Comparing Broadsheet and Tabloid Newspapers

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Comparing Broadsheet and Tabloid Newspapers

September 11th 2001 will be marked as one of the most horrific
terrorist attack ever. It will be scolded on everyone's minds for the
rest of their lives. The terrorist attacks destroyed America's dignity
with co-ordinated attacks which completely demolished the World Trade
Centre located in New York killing thousands of innocent citizens in
what was the single, biggest attack on New York since Pearls Harbourin
December 1941.

This was the top story in the media which was covered by many
different styles such as television, newspapers and also by radio. It
was the main headline in TV and radio and reached every front page of
newspapers without a doubt.

In this essay I am going to compare two British newspapers that
contain very different literature and layout. I will contrast the two
and view how they portray the devastating attacks taken place on
September 11th 2001.

In the articles the general layouts are quite similar but both have
different focal points. For example, The Mirror has a large headline
that very much dominates the full page leaving not to much space for
writing. This headline is a quote from a victim who was stuck in one
of the Twin Towers. It is very strong emotionally; "We are all f**king
dying in here". As this headline had taken up the majority of the page
it leads your mind to think about what it would be like stuck in a
burning skyscraper and what you might of done in that situation. Also
on the front page is a large photograph of a person jumping out of a
window almost certainly falling to their death. The actual layout of
the text is set in two columns (possibly representing the World Trade
Centre) with the emotional headline sandwiched in between. (If this
was done on purpose I do not know.)
In The Times there is also a large photograph of somebody falling out
of one of the towers highlighting the fact that in this terrible event
there were many losses to thousands of people which many people felt

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shocked about. Also similar to The Mirror there are two columns
adjacent to one another as if they were there to symbolise the Twin

The Times' headline is big and bold but does not stand out as much as
The Mirror's had done. Also there is another smaller sub-heading
underneath the photograph to title another section of the article.

In the Mirror, accuracy of the main event is not a very strong point
as a lot of the article is built on interviews and that is where most
of their information comes from. "It was like a war zone, everyone was
screaming, crying, running, cops, people, fire-fighters, everyone."
Said a fire marshal who was interviewed close by to the towers. His
interview tells us that there were many emotions shared between many
people. Other interviews also showed the same type of emotion;
"Everyone made for the fire exits, pushing and shoving trying to get

These interviews give us a very good idea of how the victims must have
felt during the ordeal but it doesn't help the readers understand what
actually happened and what the rest of the world was saying.

Unlike The Mirror, The Times is very much clearer on what had happened
where and when. It gives you an accurate and clear description on when
the planes had hit and a sense or why they hit; "About 9am (2pm BST)
the towers of the Trade Centre in Lower Manhattan were hit within
minutes of one another by hijacked passenger aircraft which tore
gaping holes in the buildings and sent fireballs surging through the
upper floors."

It also tells you about the talks going on in other places on the
Earth such as Tony Blair; "We can only imagine the terror and the
carnage there and the many, many innocent people who have lost their
lives." This shows that other leaders are thinking about what had

Continuing with the interviews, The Mirror has interviews from many
people ranging from fire marshals to a man who works for an Internet
Company who was forcefully ordered out of the Manhattan subway after
the first plane had hit. This gave the readers of The Mirror a wider
variety of emotions and views on the event giving the readers
different angles on the event.

In The Times, they only interviewed and handful of people and put
mainly quotes into the article making. An important quote in the
article in a quote from President Bush making a national appearance;
"Make no mistake, the United States will hunt down and punish those
responsible for these cowardly acts." This comforts readers as they
read this as they assume this man will do something about this attack
and that it will not happen again.

The Mirrors language is simple and to the point which does not
complicate things. A sentence I found graphic yet simple was;
"Witnesses told of people jumping from windows of the 110-storey
building some from as high as the 80th floor."

It can be read by many different people ranging in classes which give
it a possible larger number of readers. The writing is very strong
emotionally and is written in a narrative style. This helps you feel
that you can entwine with the report to give you a better angle of the
story. The main headline is big and centred and happens to be a quote
from a victim stuck in one of the towers. This is very strong
emotionally and draws your eye towards the paper as it says; "We are
all f**king dying in here."

The Mirror pointed out that Osama Bin Laden was possibly the organiser
as at the top of the front page it has; "SEPT 11, 2001" and then a
picture of Osama Bin Laden. Directly next to that it says; "WAR ON THE
WORLD" and a picture of George W. Bush follows.

In The Times the language is very formal and discusses the political
situations well with discussing the talks from leaders such as
President George W. Bush and Tony Blair. It also goes deeper into the
event than The Mirror which gives you more to think about and so it
does not end up one sided. The Times were not quick to blame anybody
but did mention Osama Bin Laden but only because it was going to be
investigated the following day and does not immediately accuse him of
the attacks.

As the main headline of The Times is; "Bloody echoes of Pearl Harbor"
it implies that whoever may be reading this paper would know about
Pearl Harbor possibly aiming it at more of the Upper-Middle to the
Upper class reader as they might well know more about the events of
Pearl Harbor.

In summary I find that The Mirror eventually gives me a better outline
of the event and the emotions circling New York and the rest of the
world yet The Times gives me a better view into the politics and a
more informative view which then helps me focus on what might be into
the near future. The Mirror seemed particularly pro western, which I
felt gave it quite a bias view. It led the reader to develop an
opinion shared possibly only by the writer of the article which was
against the perpetrators of this attack. It was not just a blow to
America and their security but it was also a huge blow on the world's
security and economy.
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