Teens and Sex - Sex in the New Millinium

Teens and Sex - Sex in the New Millinium

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Sex in the New Millinium


References to sexuality and sexual activities seem s to surround the American public in everything we do. Movies, music, the Bible, religion and politics are all related to sexuality and sexual activities in one way or another.


MTV, the first 24-hour music network, has been structured around youths ranging from the age of 12 to 34. In fact 28% of their viewership is under the age of 18. You ask why bring MTV into something sexual? Well, the music videos shown tend to center their theme on gender portrayal sand sexual or violent content. Women are portrayed as passive characters and sexual objects. 81% of the videos that contain violence also contain sexual imagery. Some videos that contain certain lyrics and actions about sexuality and sexual behavior can encourage a na‹ve child to do something that they should not be doing. So why do producers keep making videos that are so harmful to our youth? They do this because sexual imagery increases the appeal of the music videos. Certainly, the language of music videos includes a variety of symbols and images.


For any individual, regardless of sexual inclination, to embrace the vague sexual desires is to claim a nature that God never intended for us. On the other hand, to make sharp distinctions among human beings, in terms of þhomosexuals and heterosexualsþ, is underestimating how permanently self-referential and self-absorbed our society is. How does the church feel about sexuality? A individual is not born þgayþ or þstraightþ they are born þmaleþ or þfemaleþ. The church of the 90þs has accepted the gay community for whom they are and what they believe in. However, they feel that God did not create them with these ideas in mind. The gays just acquired them from society.


Something that I came across time and time again as I researched sexuality was what is the main influence on someone that helps them decide their sexuality and their sexual actions? Through research, it seems as though our society is convinced that parents and the educational system must interact with young children and teach them about sex. By instilling strong morals and values in our children, parents feel that they will make the þrightþ decisions when it comes to anything sexual. But who is the one to decide what is þrightþ and what is þwrongþ.

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It is not carved in stone that a man must desire a woman and a woman must desire a man. Nobody has the authority to tell another individual whom to be attracted to and sexually involved with. However did you know that only 3% of men will actually identify themselves as homosexuals and about half that many women will admit their Lesbianism. Well, why is this? We all know that more than 5% of the human race is gay. But people are scared to come out of the closet because they donþt want to be treated any differently than a heterosexual.


Sexuality education of adolescents by parents and educators seems to be critical in the 90þs. School based sexual education programs are successful in increasing studentsþ knowledge but are less successful in altering a students attitudes and behaviors about sex. Why? This is because parents are delaying their participation in educating their kids about sex because they feel it is unnecessary because their kids arenþt having sex. Well, they are wrong because kids as young as 9 years of age are experimenting with their sexuality.


For instance, about 95% of adolescents know condoms provide one effective way to avoid HIV infection and teenage pregnancy but less than half of the sexually active kids from ages 15-17 use condoms consistently. Why? Again these kids lack the advice and supervision of their parents.


Sexuality education provided by parents has been shown to have a beneficial affect on their childrenþs sexual attitudes and values. Studies suggest adolescents who communicate with their parents about sexuality tend to be less sexually active and more likely to use contraceptives when they do become sexually involved. The home seems like an ideal place to influence sexuality related attitudes, values and behavior. Unfortunately, as I stated before, many parents are reluctant to initiate conversations about sexual issues with their kids. How and why are some parents so oblivious to the problem? Well one reason is that they may need to be reassured that their children want to talk to them about sex related issues. Another reason is that parents may be unfamiliar with their own sexuality and are uncomfortable discussing the issue. Another large reason some parents do not talk to their kids about sex is because they just do not know enough about the issue at hand.


Another large issue parents deal with is when is the correct time to teach their kids about sexuality and sex? Some feel that if they present this information to their children at an early age then we are encouraging them to go out and have sex. However this is not the case because if the parents donþt talk to the kids at an early stage of development, the kids will pick up the information from the television and from older kids. This is exactly what seems to be going on because parents are not involved and kids are getting the wrong information and doing all the wrong things. Adolescence is a time of significant opportunity and significant challenge. Some challenges adolescents face may be difficult which may result in problems that are expressed as affective disturbances or by the adolescents participation in risk taking behaviors such as sex.


The developmental process of puberty is what brings about the characteristics of sex such as sex-drive, genitalia, hair growth and rapid changes of weight and height. Boys ranging from nine and a half to fourteen and half years old go through the phase and girls go through puberty as early as eight and as late as 13.


Our Sex in the new millinum is focusing on the main issues of sex. However, I feel as though the most important factor that can predict what state sexuality and sex will be in during the year 2010 is how well we educate the next generation about this topic. Our parents generation was misinformed on the issue and our generation was well informed but did not want to face reality and became very careless. However, adults like Michael Jordan and children like Ryan White are dying or are dead because of their lack of education. Letþs not let history repeat itself and create a more deadly epidemic that will kill our kids. Letþs try to learn from our mistakes.
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