Comparing the Effectiveness of Two Charity Advertisements

Comparing the Effectiveness of Two Charity Advertisements

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Comparing the Effectiveness of Two Charity Advertisements

Charities: RSPCA


In this essay I am going to be comparing and contrasting the
effectiveness of two advertisements. The first is the charity Oxfam
which is advertising guns and demanding it to be stopped being sold
and also falling into the wrong hands. The second charity is RSPCA
(Royal Society of Preventing Cruelty to Animals) which is trying to
stop people buying a certain kind of eggs and to stop these eggs being
produced. These eggs are harming chickens and/or hens.

The message of Oxfam is trying to persuade people to stop guns falling
into the wrong hands. Firearms are ruining people's lives. For e.g. a
person uses a firearm on someone else then the victims of this are the
person shooting the firearm and the family and the victim and family.
Many young children and both men and women are murdered or injured by
firearms. The arms should be used by police and only. This
advertisement is targeted at youths and young adults.

The message of the second advertisement is that the RSPCA is trying to
persuade people who eat eggs to buy certain packaging eggs. A company
who brand their packaging by saying that their eggs are fresh are most
likely to be lying as the truth is that the ways their eggs are
produced is by three or four chickens or hens in a small cage that do
no t have the freedom to even turn around or sit down. The RSPCA are
telling people to buy eggs that are branded: 'Burn 'or 'Perchery' or
'Free range'. As these eggs are produced by chickens that have the
freedom to move and run about.

This is targeted at anyone that buys eggs.

The layout of each advertisement is different.




The Oxfam advertisement is set in landscape and the picture is to the
left and the text is on the right and as you come down you notice a
small logo. The image is of a small girl who is injured.

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In the RSPCA advert the paper is set in portrait and there is an image
of an eggs packaging. The text is at the bottom of the image and in
the right hand bottom corner is a small logo.

I think the most effective setting is the Oxfam as it is set in
landscape and the image of a little girl who is injured is very
upsetting because you just imagine as it is you or a friend in that
position therefore you instantly sympathise with this picture.

The image of Oxfam advertisement is of a young girl who is injured due
to the supposedly 'controlled' guns.

In the advert RSPCA the image is of packet of eggs that is labelled
'100% battery produced eggs' just by looking at the picture tells us
that these specific eggs are produced in inhumane conditions.

The headline in the Oxfam advertisement is bold and telling us that
the girl is giving her opinion on her view on gun controls.

In the RSPCA advertisement the headline is big and bold and is asking
a rhetorical question which then is followed by the answer to the
question. 'Recognise the packaging? Of course you don't.'

The logo Oxfam advert is at the bottom and at the bottom of the logo
there is a charity number of Oxfam, the actual number is in a small

The logo in the RSPCA is also at the bottom and it says RSPCA and is
shaped in a diamond and placed in an outer diamond.

In the Oxfam advertisement the use of English is standard as well as
the RSPCA advert.

The techniques in the Oxfam advertisement is very short sntences: 'a
code that saves lives'

This is effective because is very short and you have to read it fast.
The techniques in the RSPCA advert are different than the Oxfam advert
because this advert uses alliteration: 'Scour the Supermarket Shelves'
the companies also have alliteration they use the word fresh in the
names of there eggs.

The quality of factual information in the Oxfam advert very
informative: 'arms cause 90%.....84% murders' the RSPCA advertisement
quality of factual advertisement is as much informative: 'the industry
know that the ….sensitive to animal suffering.'

In both texts there is an opinion represented as a fact in the Oxfam
text it is shown by: 'it is truly ……wrong hands.' In the RSPCA advert
this is shown by: 'suffer …physical harm'

The use of persuasive language in the Oxfam text is:'where small
arms…men and women' this is telling us that guns can hurt us and/or
our loved ones.

In the RSPCA advert the persuasive phrase is: 'the eggs have been
produced ….barely sits and turns around.' This is trying to persuade
us not to buy eggs that are harming the chickens.

I think the most persuasive text is Oxfam.

The one that catch my eyes is: 'look me in the eye and tell me that
arms controls are tough enough'. This is eye catching because it is a
question from the little girl who is injured and only has one eye as
the other one is injured.

In the RSPCA advert the phrase is: 'its time the chicken came before
the egg' this is also catchy because people don't care about the egg
was produced or what conditions it was being produced in they just
want the egg. Here is a famous quote 'which came first the chicken or
the egg'

In conclusion I feel that the most effective advertisement as a whole
is Oxfam because it is set in landscape and not most advertisement are
in landscape so it is quite a change. Also the fact that the
information is on one side and the image is on the other side is very
catchy. The picture of the little girl who is injured to the usage of
guns is very upsetting. The figures are also very surprising to see
the information is very informative.

My personal response to this particular advert is that guns should be
banned all over the world so it prevents people smuggling them in.
anyone caught with a gun should be punished and the only people with
guns should be the police.
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