Fndings of the Warren Commission

Fndings of the Warren Commission

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Fndings of the Warren Commission

The Warren Commission was criticised by many people who claimed that
there were serious errors in its findings. Some believing that they
missed or covered up a conspiracy theory and others believing that
there was evidence of a gunman on the Grassy Knoll near to where the
President received his fatal head shot. However there has not been
sufficient evidence to back these theories up.

The House Select Committee on Assassinations (HSCA) was set up in 1976
to investigate the Kennedy Assassination and its report was issued in
1979. Their conclusions were that President Kennedy was probably
assassinated as a result of a conspiracy, the extent of which the
committee could not determine, and that there was a high probability
of a fourth shot which missed, fired by a second gunman from the
Grassy Knoll. However their findings were not conclusive. One of their
findings was based on a tape recording made by a Police motorcyclist
who had left his two-way radio on and the recording seemed to show
four shots in six seconds. This acoustic evidence was dismissed in
1982 by the Ramsey Panel who blasted the Committee's conclusions
saying there were serious errors in its work and no acoustic basis for
such a claim.

There were doubts about the single bullet theory and critics of the
Warren Commission argued that one bullet could not have wounded both
the President and Governor Connally as it would have had to follow an
impossible zigzag path. However, Dr Michael Baden, chief forensic
pathologist for the HSCA claimed that the Governor was in such a
position that his wounds were the result of one bullet passing
straight through him. Modern computer simulation, based on the
Zappruder film has proved that it was possible for one bullet fired
from the Texas Schoolbook Depository to have hit both Kennedy and
Connally, slowing as it passed through them. It has also been proved
that the police motorcyclist was not in the right place to have made
the sound recordings.

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As for the eye witnesses, their testimonies were deemed to be
unreliable. For example, Jean Hill was interviewed within thirty
minutes of the assassination and denied seeing anything of importance.
Yet in 1986 she claimed at the time to have seen a man fire from
behind a wooden fence. Several witnesses changed their stories and may
have been influenced by the many conspiracy theories they had read or
simply wanted their moment of fame.

Nothing did more to spread the conspiracy theory than Oliver Stone's
movie 'JFK'. This film claims that President Kennedy was killed by old
warriors in the CIA and the Pentagon, who believed he was planning to
withdraw from Vietnam and had failed to remove Castro from power in
Cuba. However, this film was a skilful mixture of fact, half-truths
and pure speculation.

The HSCA also believed that the fact that Jack Ruby was in the police
station with a gun at the precise time that Lee Harvey Oswald was
being moved was too much of a coincidence. This threw suspicion
towards the Mafia as being involved in Kennedy's death as Ruby had
links to the organisation and may have been sent to silence Oswald
before he could divulge any information that could link the Mafia or
the CIA to the assassination.

Later evidence therefore has not been able to disprove the findings of
the Warren Commission as there has never been sufficient evidence to
back up their claims.
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