Franklin Roosevelt Victory in 1932

Franklin Roosevelt Victory in 1932

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Franklin Roosevelt Victory in 1932

In 1932 America was suffering from a terrible economic depression.
President Hoover did not believe in government intervening in industry
or business and little was done to help the unemployed and the
increasing numbers of poor people. In the1932 election for president,
Hoover lost to Franklin Roosevelt, the demorcratic candidate. During
the election campaign Roosevelt had promised the American people a
"new deal". Roosevelt's government created jobs thought public works
schemes the poor were given help. Never before had the government
played such an important part in the economy.

One of the main reasons why Roosevelt was brought into power was
because president Hoover was a main course of why the depression
continued. He believed in a policy called "Laissez Faire" which meant
things would sort themselves out. However this was not the case. In
the 1932 election president Hoover paid the price for being unable to
solve the problems of the depression. Until 1932 he refused to accept
that there was a major problem. He insisted, "Prosperity is just
around the corner". A famous banner carried in a demonstration of Iowa
farmers said: "in Hoover we trusted now we are busted". Hoover was
regarded as the do nothing president despite several attempts to bring
American economy back on track, he tried to restart the economy by tax
cuts, he tried to persuade business leaders not to cut wages, he set
up the reconstruction finance company, which stopped the banks going
bankrupted and he tried to protect U.S industries by putting up
tariffs. However none of these really did anything, and it seemed that
Hoover and most republicans were very reluctant to their basic
policies. In 1932 Hover blocked the Garner-Wagner Relief Bill, which
would have allowed Congress to provide $2.1 billion to create jobs.
This did not go down well with the general population. Even more
damaging to Hoover's reputation, was how little he tried to help
people suffering from the depression. People were suffering very badly
they were living in shantytowns, these towns were nick named "Hoover

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towns". There could be no greater contrast to Hoover than his opponent
in the 1932 election, the democrat, Franklin D Roosevelt's main
characteristics as a politician were, He believed strongly in "active
government" to improve the lives of ordinary people, He had plans to
spend public money on getting people back to work, He was not afraid
to ask advise on important issues from a wide range of experts. The
American people liked Roosevelt because of quotes he says such the
example in source A in which he says "I pledge to you, I pledge myself
to the new deal for the American people".

Roosevelt went on a massive train tour of the U.S.A in the weeks
before the election and mercilessly attacked the attitude of Hoover
and the republicans. Roosevelt new that the people wanted action now,
so on a 20,800km campaign trip he made 16 major speeches and another
60 from the back of his train. He promised the people a new deal. In
the new deal Roosevelt aimed to, get Americans back to work, protect
their savings, provide relief for the sick, old and unemployed, and
getting the American industry's and agriculture back on its feet.

He spoke I military terms saying the depressing were the enemy and the
war would be won. This was shown in source A when he says, "it's a
call to arms, not to win votes alone but to win in this crusade to
restore America".

The election was a landslide victory for Roosevelt. He won by 7
million votes and the Democrats won most of the seats in Congress. It
was the worst defeat the republicans had ever suffered.
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