Tom - Fictional Writing

Tom - Fictional Writing

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Tom - Fictional Writing

Everyday Tom gets up from his cold dusty bed imagining she is still
with him. His tall fragile body weeps with pain as his arthritis kicks
in. His gauging ghostly features appear upon the mirror his deep-set
eyes, his chalked cheeks and his ratty nose. But yet he remembers the
good old days when people greeted you with love and friendship not
deceit and charisma like they do now.

He pulls on his rugged fifthly clothes and walks through the hallway
filled with his sentimental war memorably. He goes into his rustic
kitchen and makes himself some toast with full fat butter spread all
over it.

He turns on his ancient wireless and sits on his rugged old armchair
that his father gave to him. He picks up the daily paper and skips to
the back page to check the horse racing odds. He watches the wireless
until lunch then he gets up and cooks himself an omelette filled with
crispy bacon and some mouth-watering cheddar cheese. After lunch he
picks up his old anorak and his wooden walking stick, he then goes
outside and waits for the bus in the remote dismal corner in front of
his house. He gets the bus into town and goes to the bookies to place
a bet on the 4th horse of the 8th race. Everyday he follows the same
pattern and has never won a penny for the last twenty years but today
seemed different.

The sky was grey as normal and the wind was still blowing against the
overgrown trees but he could hear laughter, there were three kids
playing hop-scotch in the alley by the road, Tom hadn't heard laughter
for so long he had almost forgotten it ever existed. He and his wife
always use to laugh, they would stare into each other's eyes and burst
out laughing for no apparent reason, but she was gone taken from him
without even a kiss goodbye. She had gone to work normal and she was
on her way home in the car she had entered a major traffic in an

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attempt to escape it she turned into the next lane going in the
opposite direction to try and turn around however she didn't see
another car in her blind spot, the other car crashed into her side and
she was thrown out the side of the car and died on scene. Tom received
a phone call that night and was told about the horrific accident ever
since he has never driven or been in a car, he travels everywhere on

Tom walked out of the bookies and went outside to see if he could find
the children and sure enough there they were in the alley, he went up
to a small scruffy little boy with fair blonde hair and blue eyes and
asked him what they were laughing about, the little boy looked scared
as if he thought Tom was angry and that he was going to hit him but
Tom was a kind friendly man who didn't believe in violence. The boys
didn't know what to do so they picked up their tatty football and run
round the corner behind the bins.

Tom walked off and went back into the bookies, he was laughing to
himself he found the whole thing hilarious as soon as he realised he
was laughing he was shocked. He hadn't laughed since Sarah had died he
thought it would be a sin but now he could see it wasn't.

He went into the toilets and put some ice cold water over his face in
an attempt to check if he was dreaming but he wasn't it was really
happening, he was smiling and he was happy. He tried to stop himself
but then he thought that Sarah would be happier if he was.

He went back into the TV room and placed a bet on a different horse, a
random horse and sure enough he lost but it didn't matter. Still
everyday he carries on with the same routine but now he does it with a
big smile and everyone has became nicer to him, he has now realised
people aren't full of deceit it was just the way he behaved, he only
saw people as deceitful and charismatic because it was the only way he
knew how to carry on his life without Sarah, his wife but now his life
has changed for the better as he is soon to be married but every
minute he remembers Sarah the way her hair flicked in the wind and the
way her eyelashes fluttered at him the first day they meet. So Tom now
knows not to judge people by the way the look or act and to get to
know the person properly before he should pass judgement.
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