Creative Writing: Across the Sea

Creative Writing: Across the Sea

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We walked down into the bustling docks, stinking of long dead fish and
seaweed. We walked past the decreped old fishing boats and their
owners, all with rotting wooden lobster pots and old rope nets. The
huge ship was moared in the harbour, its ancient gangplank rested
lightly on the hole filled pier. Mr Cheese, our navigator, stood at
the top polishing his peg leg, while Meet-Hook stood behind working on
yet another wax painting. Otis and Carla ran up the gangplank and
began to load the crates of sugar and cotten from the plantations into
the hold. While I, our captain, Guybrush Threepwood, mighty pirate and
fearless leader walked upto the bridge and serveyed the sea around.

The Caribbean sea shone crystal clear in the bright rays of the Sun. I
could see the glorious coral and all it's colourful inhabitants the
turtles, the fish and the sharks allswimming around gracefully going
about their buisness. Fish eating coral, bigger fish eating smaller
fish and sharks genrally eating everything and everyone that got in
their way. I could see and smell the reeking slave ship coming slowly
over the horizon from the continent of Africa illegally smuggling more
slaves for the greedy plantation ownwers. We lukily were only employed
to carry cargo, no people. We were taking the sugar and cotton to the
English port town of Liverpool, where it would be sold and taken
across the country.

"Time to sale Mr Cheese," I called from the bridge. "Aye, aye Sir,"
replied Mr Cheese. He walked over, his footsteps really were very
comical, I could hear Otis and Carla sniggering from the hold, Thud,
Clunk, Thud Clunk went his feet. He took hold of the weel and
Meet-Hook raised the sails with his great strength. Mr Cheese slowly
turned the weel and steered the ship out of port. "We'll have to pay
for that when we get back!" yelled Otis as Mr Cheese crashed the boat
through pier behind us. "Oops!" he yelled.

We eventually got out of the port after much crashing and bashing into

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other ships and the pier itself. We got going steadily and soon left
the stinking docks and it's old fishermen and the coral reefs
colourful inhabitants well behind.

The sea was carm as we sailed towards Boston in the north of America
but a Tropical storm was soon upon us. The sea around became rough and
the sky above became black and slowly the storm got worse. First the
rain started, quickly becomeing harder and harder. Then the wind came
blowing the boat backwards and forwards tossing the sea around us up
and onto the deck. Then came the thunder and lightning raging a battle
in the air above us and striking hard at the sea below. As we went
further north the storm became steadily calmer and the sea became
quiet again. As we came close to Boston we began to turn east in the
general direction of Bordeaux on the west coast of France.

About half way into the voyage we saw a rare sight. A Blue Whale and
it's calf coming up to the surface and splurting water high into the
air from their blowholes. Later on that day we saw more sea mammals,
inquisitive little Bottlenose Dolphins came and swam and dived around
the ships hull.

Later on that week we saw sea birds flying above us suggesting we were
getting close to land. Later that day we could see the western coast
of France. Mr Cheese steered us northwards once again towards Penzance
in the county of Cornwall.

Later that day we saw for the first time in months the country we call

By the next day we had passed Penzance and Newquay and had left the
county of Cornwall behind us and were halfway up the coast of Wales
and near to the port of Aberystwyth before nightfall. We set off again
the next morning and were quickly off on a northerly wind past Conwy
by the end of the day we arrived in the port of Liverpool and were
soon unloading the cargo onto the docks.
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