Defining Abortion

Defining Abortion

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Defining Abortion

Abortion is defined in the dictionary as, "The expulsion of a foetus
(naturally or by medical induction) from the womb before it is able to
survive independently (around 28 weeks)." This simply means the foetus
is removed by either a natural or medical procedure while loping in
the womb where it should be 'nurtured, supported and protected'.

Jesus said nothing about abortion but he had a special concern for
children. He also taught much about the need to care for the weak in
society, so many Christian's feel that he would favour a law
protecting the unborn child. Christian's belief in the sanctity of
life is central to a Christian understanding of the issue of abortion.
If life is sacred, a gift from God then it cannot be acceptable to
take life.

If life begins after birth, then to abort would not go against
teachings about the purity of life. If, however Christians believe
that life begins at the fertilisation of the egg then they would not
consider abortion on the count that the life has begun and you would
be taking it away, which they would believe is murder which is against
biblical teachings and the Ten Commandments which state that "though
shall not murder."

Also in the New Testament it states "Do you not know that you are
God's temple and that God's Spirit dwells in you? If anyone destroys
God's temple, God

will destroy that person. For God's temple is holy, and you are that

Which means that the foetus is a life which means it is Gods temple
and his spirit lives inside them and if you destroy the foetus he
wouldn't be pleased and he will destroy you.

This quote relates to the old testament in job 1:21 where it says
"Naked I came from my mother's womb, and naked shall I return there;
the LORD gave, and the LORD has taken away; blessed be the name of the
LORD. Which means that the lord decides upon your life and if you

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don't obide by his rules and understandings then he can do what he
wants as a punishment.

Different Christians hold different views on abortion, as they are
influenced by society around them as well as their faith. Some
Christian denominations today, do not give clear teaching on abortion.

The Church of England states that ' the foetus is to be specially
respected and protected' but 'the life of a foetus is not sacred if it
endangers the mothers life. This shows, that the Church of England
take a middle view on abortion. Evangelical Christians base their
views on the bible and so are 'firmly opposed to abortion'. The
catholic church says that abortion is wrong and shouldn't be carried
out under any circumstances because they believe it is killing a
'baby' as a former pope states:- "What could ever be a sufficient
reason for excusing in any way the direct murder of the innocent? This
is precisely what we are dealing with here. Whether inflicted upon the
mother or upon the child, it is against the precept of God and the law
of nature: 'Thou shalt not kill.' " Pope Pius XI commenting on
abortion in his encyclical on Christian Marriage. But Other churches
within the Christian religion are not all as strict as the Roman
Catholic Church.

Whilst recognizing that the main purpose of uniting a man and a woman
in marriage, is for them to have and bring up children in accordance
to God's will, most Christian Churches do not regard birth control as
evil and therefore, allow contraception. However, the Church of
England and most Protestant Churches are opposed to abortion unless
the circumstances are acceptable. But they still disagree with it if
there is good reason as they say here.

"We affirm that every human life, created in the divine image, is
unique... and that this holds for each of us, born or yet to be born.
We therefore believe that abortion is an evil."
(General Synod of the Church of England)

Unlike the Catholic Church, however, most other Christian churches,
whilst not condoning abortion as a form of contraception, do accept
that in certain extreme circumstances, abortion is the 'lesser of two
evils' and will consent to an abortion being carried out if

… there is a serious risk to the mother' s life,

… conception occurs as a result of rape,

… there is a real risk of the baby being handicapped.

These are the only conditions which the church of England and other
protestant churches will accept.
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