HIV/AIDS Research

HIV/AIDS Research

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HIV/AIDS Research

Every part of African society from teachers to soldiers is under
attack from Aids with over 30% of the adult population infected in
some countries, the United Nations says in a new report. 80% of the
world's deaths from AIDS occur in Africa, which at current rate is
estimated to be 34 million people to have been infected with HIV in
sub-Saharan Africa, since the start of the pandemic and 11.4 million
are estimated to have died. This epidemic is creating instability in
an already fragile African economy.

The impact of Aids goes right across the board from rural farming
communities to the armed forces and the police. The UN estimates that
economic growth across Africa has been cut by 4% and in the next 20
years the working population could drop by a quarter because of Aids

If the consequences of AIDS is not tackled immediately then the
essential services such as health, welfare and justice will be
severely weakened.

According to the UN, Aids is now the number one overall cause of death
in Africa and is in fourth place among all causes of death worldwide.

The Aids epidemic began in Africa, but in many cases governments were
slow to respond. The problem has been exacerbated by poverty,
illiteracy, weak education and public health systems and the low
social status of women.

To tackle the rising epidemic in HIV it is essential that the
government take appropriate steps to improve the situation. This is
why it is crucial that your government takes immediate action to
reduce the epidemic.

At present I believe public health measures are the only way to stop
the spread of HIV. This means that people can be educated about the
spread of infection and encouraged to change their behaviours so as to
protect themselves and others. Educating people to practice safer sex
is probably the only control method currently available to health
authorities, nevertheless, this could be introduced in more detail so
that it can help reduce the number of people becoming infected with

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HIV. The transmission of HIV can also be controlled by using barrier
methods, such as condoms and femidoms, during sexual intercourse. This
again links in with educating people about the causes of HIV.

Better testing for HIV is a priority in many countries, to help
carriers of HIV become aware of the fact. The UN says poor countries
can achieve a lot by improving education and access to condoms, even
if they cannot afford expensive drugs.

Finally, we have seen that AIDS and HIV are now widespread throughout
sub-Saharan Africa from Uganda to South Africa. It is now a serious
health problem because HIV infection makes people more vulnerable to
existing diseases such as malnutrition, TB and malaria. AIDS is also
having an adverse effect on the economic development of this country,
and the purchase of expensive drugs drains government funds. This
shows that immediate action must be taken in order for the number of
epidemics to stay low, so that the economy will not be affected as
much. If HIV cases decline then simultaneously the AIDS epidemics will
fall too. Overall, this will then reduce the number of death cases and
people becoming infected with the disease.
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