Having to Cope - Fiction

Having to Cope - Fiction

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Having to Cope - Fiction

Bethany a twenty two-year-old woman, born into the twentieth century,
was told time and time again that if she were struggling financially
she was to always go to her Papa.

In the past he had been heroic in digging her out of her what seemed
to be bottomless hole. April the 5th, the day along with many others,
will stick in Bethany's mind for eternity. She could not seek for her
Papa's bank details when the terminal notification arrived on her
second hand, worn-out doormat. Her Papa was occupied paying for his
youngest Princess' wedding, of whom she would be committing to
Mr.'just got a promotion to manager of Warner Bros.'. Even though the
engaged couple did not truly need the father of the bride's support,
she could not bring herself to ask her Papa.

She is a responsible young woman who had to face up to reality and
cope. She attempted to obtain an employment position but childcare
fees are so high flying that the money would have been taken away
before she has even earnt them. You see it on Eastenders, you know
somebody who has a friend of a sister who is dating 'Clive'. Well
that's how she attempted to solve her issues. Clive had come round on
the 10th of April with a plan that took place secretly. He broke
various belongings of Bethany's the second part of the scheme was for
her to call up in floods of tear and make an insurance claim. Clive
had been successful before, his other 'clients' had got the money, so
why did it backfire on her? Now she is trapped in a putrescent,
tedious, extinguished prison cell where everybody is in disgust of

She is in a woman's hellhole but it would not make a vast difference
if she were in a mixed one. Model looking Bethany would still be
freezing, constantly hungry and forever missing her two-year-old Annie
grow up. To make matters worse the population of Leeds is packed with
racism, as if they'd never come across a coloured human being prior to

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Bethany. She gets picked on for being who she is and what she did but
at least she didn't murder like the preponderance of the women.
Bethany is proud of her roots however the day Papa's girl set foot in
the diabolical prison nobody has made the effort to be her companion.

No one every says 'hello' or 'how are you Beth?' they all know she has
a two year old who is living in care, bets are that she is now spoilt
rotten, being looked after by a snooty, wealthy, just married couple.
Bethany tried, she tried so bloody hard to bring her up as a decent
person but now she is paying for her actions and cannot even change
her daughters nappy or sing her to sleep. The pain, the anger, the
suicidal moments she would not wish on her worst enemy.

Being emotionally deserted and knowing that she let her dear Papa
down, in numerous ways, in that now he would not even contemplate
visiting her or bring himself to narrate what happened to his eldest
'Princess' if that's what she is anymore. Papa told his friends that
Bethany had died, he lied to his comrades telling them that his own
daughter had passed away after being knocked down by a drunken driver.
That is how low he thinks of her, he couldn't bear to tell them that
after Bethany's husband James committed self-murder she fell into a
pit. All was black around her and she tried to shine her own light but
it gave up on her and now she is back to the semitransparent hole.
Semitransparent means it has improved but that doesn't prevent her
from wishing she could paint her skin white and fit in with the crowd
or even scoop to their level, either way would end the torment she
receives day in day out.

Her miserable life continued for weeks and weeks, the window of
opportunity flew open, she was busy working in the kitchens scrubbing
the greasy fat off of pans. Her chief tormenter, Kelly, was standing
besides her doing the exact same thing but every five seconds she
would glance to the left where there lay a kitchen knife. Kelly's
twinkling had arrived; she reached to the knife and obscured the sharp
blade in her pocketed trousers. She would expect this to be a very
good trade for some smuggled in drugs.

Just then the head warden appeared, announcing that an inspection
would take place. Guards peeped all around the kitchen, counting the
plates, cutlery, and items of food actually just about anything else
that could be used for barter if it was pinched. A Deputy warden spoke
softly to the guardian who instantaneously announced that the inmates
should position themselves in a line and prepare too be examined.
Evidently they had found out about the absent knife.

Bethany could see the sweat appearing on Kelly's brow. There was
nowhere to hide the knife as they were in the center of the kitchen,
away from any location of concealment. The wardens moved at a
leisurely pace down the procedure towards Kelly. As they began
searching the girl next to her, Kelly gulped the kind of gulp you do
when you know you are in solemn trouble. If caught, with her previous
record, she could look forward to months in solitary.

As they began the search Kelly shivered and then to her amazement they
finished with her and moved on. She put her hand to her pocket but the
knife was gone. Just then she heard the warden cry out and saw them
march Bethany away. Instantly she realized what had occurred. Bethany
turned to Kelly and winked, Kelly blushing with embarrassment winked
back and mouthed a silent thank you.

Bethany had scooped to their level but for a reason, to belong. To
make her five years, three months and twelve days left, until she was
free, bearable.
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