The Effect of Mass On a Spring

The Effect of Mass On a Spring

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The Effect of Mass On a Spring


I am doing this experiment to find out what effect mass has on a
spring. In order to find out how the spring extends we will need to
add various amounts of weights to the spring.


Ÿ Stand

Ÿ Clamp

Ÿ Spring

Ÿ Weights (Newton's)

Ÿ Metre Ruler

Ÿ Goggles



Once I have all my apparatus set up like above, I will measure the
spring on its own to find its original length. Once I have written
down the measurement in mm's, I will add 1 Newton onto the bottom of
the spring. I will measure to see how long the spring has extended in
mm's. I am measuring the extension of the spring's length in mm's
because the results will be a lot more accurate. I will keep doing
this and measuring the spring to see how long it has extended from the
previous length and the original spring length. I will be doing this
test 4 times going up to 8 Newton's each time. I want to do the test 4
times because I would like to see if there is any pattern in the
extension of the spring.


I predict that the spring will extend each time we add a various
amounts of weights on to the bottom because it will be getting heavier
and heavier causing it to stretch.

Fair Test:

I will be keeping this experiment a fair test by using the same spring
each time I do an experiment and going up to 8 Newton's each time I do
the experiment.


To keep this experiment a fair one, I will be wearing goggles because
the spring may flick up and it could catch you in the eye. I will also
be standing up whilst doing the test as the stand we are using may
fall on you. To prevent the stand from falling you could clamp the

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stand down to the table.

Background Info:

Hooke's Law has been around for about 300 years. Hooke's Law says that
restoring force due to a spring is proportional to the length that the
spring is stretched and acts in the opposite direction. If the mass on
the end of the spring was doubled, the extension would be doubled. If
the spring was trebled, the extension would be trebled etc.


From my results I found a pattern. My extension kept increasing by
50mm from the previous then 30mm from previous one to that. If you
look at my results tables you will be able to see the pattern. On my
graph I have a straight line because all my results were accurate. I
could find out the gradient on my graph but I don't how too. I
predicted that my spring would extend when I add various amounts of
mass to the end of the spring and that is what happened so my
prediction was correct.


The reliability of my results is quite reliable because I repeated the
experiment 4 times and the results came out exactly the same. My
conclusion is likely to be correct in that all my results supported
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