Malvolio's Diary

Malvolio's Diary

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Malvolio's Diary

Oh Feste is such an atrocious character. He decisively intrigues and
manages to entertain the Lady. He thinks I compete with him for the
happiness of my Lady. But I have no need to challenge him; I am
already a winner. Not with a fool's charm, but my respectable ways and
forever-enduring honor. As for my fair Lady Olivia, such extravagance,
wittiness and adoring beauty in body and mind. I have a timid love for
her. But I am frightened of telling her of my secret. Not for I am
frightened, but I do not know which personality I love of so many she
has. After the death of her loving brother, speaking was her
abnormality, I dreamed that maybe she would see the Puritan ways. She
would have solid respect and a foundation for a longer lasting
heritage with me at her side. But alas she seems to not undergo the
same precautions she once took, she has began to wear more divine
colour not the solitude black she once wore she speaks more often to
women not of even of her own calibre. Today she talked to a man not of
our residence, a man from Duke Orsino's court, her puritan ways were a
disguise, an excuse. Her cleverness has leaded her to find that her
false bereavement has also been a key to another of Orsino's many
false sides of his puzzled heart. He must have some feelings for a
woman crying for her lost brother, he must give her peace. One person
who should give her some peace is her drunken fool of an uncle, Sir
Toby and his no brain-drinking partner Sir Andrew. Their life revolves
on alcohol and women, as if this is a way on building a person's
lifestyle, I think not! They plot to humiliate me, with silly
escapades, but I do not fear two drunken men with no brains! HA! Can
they not see they are humiliating themselves practically every single
day. But Sir Toby knows his days are numbered, as Sir Andrew will
abandon him if not intitled to his fair share of sir Tobys riches,

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namely Olivia. But Olivia will have none of it, for she has heard
tales of Sir Andrews stupidity, for he also does not carry a sort of
charm about him, which cannot blamed on himself, as when drunk you are
not depended upon to look your best, HA, HA, HA! There is Maria, I
suppose she is good for a common person, not much wit or cleverness to
her, but she knows her place and knows her manners when beside such
characters as myself and lady Olivia. But I know she is Jealous of me
like the others and is scheming to humiliate men. But yet I do not
fear for she also has no more wit than the others and possesses no
talent of any sort. She even sometimes jokes with sir Toby and Sir
Andrew, obviously on the same subject of their endless common talk,
nothing intelligent ever comes from mouths such as theirs.
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