Renewable Energy

Renewable Energy

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Renewable Energy

I am an environmentalist who is in favor of using renewable sources of
energy rather than non - renewable sources. There are several types of
renewable resources of energy.

1. Solar energy.

2. Wind energy.

3. Hydroelectric energy.

4. Geothermal energy.

5. Biomass energy.

It is better to use renewable resources of energy rather than non -
renewable sources in the long term. Eventually the limited supplies of
non renewable sources of energy will finish. You would then need to
find another mean. Why wait for the non renewable source of energy to
finish instead we can use renewable sources of energies. All renewable
source power stations do not produce emissions that pollute the
environment. The damage done to the environment is quite small
compared to that of non renewable powered stations. Using renewable
energy reduces pollution, conserve land, and to save money.

Renewable energy conserves natural resources by reducing the need for
non - renewable energy. Some natural resources are renewable, meaning
they can be replaced, and some are not. Paper, corrugated board, and
other paper products come from renewable timber sources. Trees
harvested to make those products can be replaced by growing more
trees. Iron and aluminum come from nonrenewable ore deposits. Once a
deposit is mined, it cannot be replaced. The natural resources such as
trees form biomass energy. This saves limited oil reserves.

Solar energy is very efficient compared to coal, oil and gas powered
stations. The efficiency of a solar powered station varies between 40%
and 80% but for an oil powered station it may range 30% to 40%. A
solar powered station is therefore more ideal than a coal powered
station since much of the energy is lost.

However users currently pay 6 to 7 cents per kilowatt-hour for
conventionally generated electricity. Eventually as renewable sources
of energy becomes more popular the price will drop as no fuel cost is

Using oil, coal and gas means that explorers and miners are in more

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risk. Accidents such as mine collapses cause a lot of loss in life or
a power station explodes. A renewable source of energy is safer to use
and handle than its counterparts. A nuclear powered station is also
radioactive and its waste is also harmful to the population. Using
renewable sources does not leave behind much harmful wastes.

The initial cost of adapting a renewable source of energy may be
costly this is the sort term effect. The long term the cost of the
renewable source of energy will decrease. This is because you would
not need to pay for the source of energy for the renewable type. E.g.
you would not need to pay for sunlight. Only the running cost would be
needed. If however you continue to use non-renewable sources of energy
you would need to pay for the fuel and running costs. E.g. If I build
a non - renewable source power station and pay $ 1000,000 to
construct, $500,000 for fuel and $100,000 to run I would only need
$1000, 000 (for hydro =electric power station) to construct a
renewable source power station and $50,000 to run. You would therefore
save approximately ½ a million in money and the use of limited
non-renewable resources.
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