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Journal of a Nazi

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Journal of a Nazi Ever since they brought us here, it was clear that it wouldn't be a
pleasant place to be. Ever since they took over, life's been a
nightmare. We were packed into freight cars like animals. With no
food, water, or privacy at all. I've been here for almost a year now.
All my friends that I've made have died, or are struggling to survive.
I don't know if I can take much more here. I don't have such a bad job
among the others. They make me do construction type jobs so they can
house more of us. It's not so bad considering others have jobs like
cleaning up the corpses of the people who die daily. Corporal Kedem is
in charge of us while we're on duty. He's cruel, just yesterday he had
a man executed because he complained that he was thirsty. He doesn't
like me much; I always give him a hard time. I'm surprised he hasn't
had me executed yet. Right now we're working on a few more bunkers
that will house twenty thousand more of us. I feel guilty for being
involved in the building of this place because the people who are
brought here will have to go through what I and the others have. I
don't know if I should protest against the building of this place or
not. I don't think the others would follow me. They're afraid of being
put to death. Even though eventually they'll be killed when there's
not enough room left for them, and the new people come.

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There are
enough of us to overthrow the soldiers. There's too many of us that
are weak, and are just waiting to die because of the conditions we're
put through. I'm known to stand up for what I believe in, and to defy
authority when it's unreasonable. In this case, it is unreasonable,
and Kedem is the authority. He's the kind of authority you wouldn't
want to rebel against though, if you wanted to live. I'm getting to
the point where if I don't rebel, nothing's ever going to change, and
I'll die knowing I never tried to help me and my people for the pain
and suffering that the Nazi's have brought to us. I don't want our
people who aren't here now, to experience the dreaded pain that
happens when you first step foot in this place. While I was working
one day, I finally got fed up with it, and decided to stand up and
speak out against Kedem's party and Hitler's cause for this nonsense
superior race ideal. I dropped my shovel and walked up to Kedem and
two guards who were armed with guns, and asked to speak with him for a
minute. He was very reluctant at first, telling me to get back to
work. I think I ticked him off when I told him Hitler was a fraud and
that everything he said was false. He gave me a speech on how he
thought Hitler and his ideas were true and that he thought the German
race would become superior through the genocide of other "inferior"
races. He said once the war was over, the Nazi party would rule the
world. We exchanged a few more words and ideas, and you could tell I
was making him furious because the tone of his voice was getting
louder, and his face was getting red. The last thing I told him was
that he would die before this war was over and that I'd get out and be
successful. With the end of my last comment he pulled out a gun and
told me that he was going to put a stop to it and shot me in the chest
numerous times, emptying the gun magazine. I staggered around for
about a few minutes then I dropped. The last thing I saw was the grin
on Kedem's face. I knew I would have died either way. I am glad that I
stood up for what I believed in, and I'm glad that I didn't die
without pride. The last things that went through my mind were the
ideas that when the war ended, the Nazis would receive the same
treatment that they showed us over the course of this war. I never got
to see what happened at the end of the war, or never had the chance to
experience life the fullest, but I died for what I believed in.

I've grown tired of dealing with these Jews, day in and day out. Only
one more year till we have them all completely executed, and we will
have rid the world of a virus. A virus of people who are inferior to
the German race in every way possible. I've been ordered to watch over
a group of them who are responsible of building bunkers for our future
prisoners. I get irritated at times because of the lack of action the
jobs has. I'm more of a thrill seeker. I'd rather be serving the front
lines in battle, than standing around here watching a bunch of death
tagged people work. Some of the prisoners will try to get the best of
me. Just the other day I had one put to death for complaining he was
thirsty. If he couldn't live on what he received from us, he was
better off dead. I gave warning to all the prisoners that they would
be executed of they defied me. If they choose to, they know what their
penalty was. There was this particular prisoner who liked to test me a
lot. I didn't kill him, because I didn't have just cause. I predicted
that one day; he would break and go over the edge, and give me reason
to execute him. He was a brave person; quite the patriot for what he
believed in, even though he knew what he believed in would have him
beheaded. He started how to speak of the weakness of the Nazi Party,
and the things that made Hitler untruthful and fake. I went on to tell
him why his puny Jewish race should be exterminated and wiped off the
face of the Earth. He really began to tick me off when he started
personal attacks on what I said. I began to yell at him and I became
furious. My two guards took out the rifles and pointed them at the
prisoner. I told them to back off and to let me handle this myself. I
wasn't about to let some smart talking inferior being tell me off and
make a fool of me and my country. I took out my pistol and pointed it
in his face. As I told him that we would conquer the war, I emptied
the magazine into his chest. I laughed furiously and grinned as he
staggered around and fell to the ground. After he fell, I had his body
carried off by the guards. To me, he was just another smart mouthed
prisoner waiting for a death sentence. He wanted it, so he received
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