Account to Police

Account to Police

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Account to Police

I arrived back at my home at 12.00pm after a demanding day at work. My
mind was far too active to go straight too bed and I had some
immensely important business documents to finish off. I put on the
radio to listen to the news and then I had a look in the fridge for
some midnight comfort food. Everything seemed so quiet now that the
neighbours have gone on holiday I even miss their screaming kids.
Suddenly I heard a bang from next door and I thought 'That's funny
their not due back until next week perhaps they had a bad holiday'.
Then I heard shuffling and whispering and at this point I thought
something seriously strange was going on.

I grabbed my torch and my fleece and slowly sneaked over to next door,
I shone my torch through the window and I saw another patch of light
just like the light coming from my torch on the opposite side of the
room. It didn't take a genius to work out what was going on now; my
neighbour's house was being robbed. At this time I was in a state of
panic I could not think what to do I mean if I sneak in there and try
to tackle them my self I may get killed because they could well be
armed and dangerous or I might hide in one of the cupboards for so
long that a member of the neighbourhood watch spot these burglars
leaving the house and then call the police and if the police arrive
quick enough they might catch me roaming around and believe I was the
culprit. Yes I know what you're thinking why would anyone be awake at
this time a night but round this area we all have very busy jobs and
often arrive home late.

I suddenly thought the only rational and responsible thing to do was
to call the police, but then I used my common sense and thought 'Why
bother calling the police when I have a police officer living nearby.

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He may have only just got back from work but I'm sure he won't mind
helping one of his troubled neighbours out. When I arrived at his
house I knocked on the door and there was no answer I shouted 'Come on
answer you lazy sod'. I then through a stone at his top window and he
opened it slowly and shouted in a rather disgruntled manner 'What the
devil do you want you know it is an offence to disturb the peace at
this time of night'. I replied 'This is serious the Wilson's (my next
door neighbours) are being burgled.

Steve (The local police officer) immediately rushed downstairs before
I could say another word and stormed out of the door and stated 'Why
haven't you called the police? I replied 'It makes more sense coming
to you because your local and I bet the rest of your team would take
forever to get here. The Steve said 'Lets get over there before it is
too late. If they've got any common sense they would have left long
ago. We hurried as fast as we can and as we approached the house it
was perfectly clear they were still there because there is a black van
there, which I could vaguely see before from the back garden window
because the blinds on the opposite window were not completely shut.

Steve thought it would be a good idea to go into my semi-detached
house and listen through the thin walls to see if we could pick up any
voices, which we did, they were on about stealing the Wilson's fancy
wide screen television. Steve stated 'we need some kind of weapon to
disarm these criminals before they get away. I said 'yes I have a crow
bar we could use in the basement'. I quickly dashed to cupboard under
the stairs to find the keys and there was no sign of them so I
immediately rushed up to the hallway where I have another key holder
and I went to switch the lights on and damn the bulbs are gone. I
shouted up to Steve because he was holding the torch. He immediately
rushed upstairs and handed me the keys, I shone the torch and found
the keys.

Steve said in a state of panic 'Come on we have no time to waste'. We
raced down the stairs and then the stairs to basement like the speed
of lightning and opened the doors and quickly found the crowbar. We
locked my house up and crawled over too next-door and we decided to
wait in the nearby bushes to give these criminals a nasty shock as
they came out. We waited for about five minutes and the time was now
1.00pm they were in there for a very long period of time Steve said
'That most intelligent burglars would have left half an hour ago'.
Then suddenly the door opened and out came what looked too be two
small men, but as they got a bit closer we had our suspicions and
thought that it could be kids. We jumped out on them anywhere and took
their masks off and we found it was too 14-year-old lads.

We were immensely surprised because these kids were not old enough to
drive a van or any other vehicle. They stated 'The van has nothing to
do with us, we were just passing and we thought it this looks like a
nice house and decided to see if we could break in and steal some of
the goods. I went home and retired to bed after a rather eventful day
and Steve decided to drive these kids in to the police station so that
they could make a statement and to contact their parents. I was rather
surprised that they admitted to breaking in but then it occurred to me
that we must have scared the living day lights out of them jumping out
like that, so they thought they had no other choice.
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