Defining Boxing

Defining Boxing

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Defining Boxing

Money obsessed barbarism or a persecuted sport?

Boxing is one of the most controversial, currently legal sports in the
western world. Some argue that it is a barbaric game, nothing but a
negative influence on youth, promoting violence and causing injury to
poor, exploited working class men. The arguments of the anti-boxing
lobby that you will hear may include - it is expensive to take up; it
is not entertaining; it encourages violence and that it can lead to
deaths and injuries.

[IMAGE] To start, we will look at the first argument. They say boxing
is expensive to take up, what exactly do they mean? Do they mean that
it is expensive to join a boxing club or group? My father, my brother
and I go to a boxing club in the Moodiesburn community centre,
everyone is allowed to take part equally and no-one pays to go in, yet
if I were to join a Gym or Health Club, it may cost me hundreds of
pounds and I would probably be limited in the activities I could take
part in, without paying extra money. Do those who appose boxing mean
that the equipment necessary for boxing is expensive, when they say
the sport is expensive to take up? If I was to buy bandages, a
gumsheild, boxing boots, boxing gloves, a skipping rope and a punch
bag, I may pay around £150 for quality set of these (from, but I could have access to the gloves, punch bag,
and skipping rope for free at my local boxing club. Still, £150 may
seem a bit much, then again if I wanted to start skiing for example, I
may have to pay around £400 for the skis alone (from,
never mind the rest of the equipment or the expensive lessons you
would have to take. Boxing is in fact not very expensive to take up
compared to other sports and is easier to take part in than something
like skiing as you do not have to go to far away resorts and such, you

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can even practice in your own home.

[IMAGE]'It is not entertaining!' another argument used against boxing,
'Surely' they say 'no-one wants to see a man being beaten to a pulp.'
Well that may be true for them, but Kevin Mitchell of the Guardian
tells us,

"3,500, the number of unsuccessful ticket applicants - it will rise
this week - for the sold-out Scott Harrison v Wayne McCullough title
fight in Glasgow this Saturday. Over the past year, shows have sold
out in London, Manchester, Newcastle, Cardiff and Glasgow." If boxing
was not entertaining, how on earth could Mr Mitchell be giving us
these figures? The answer is simply that those who say boxing is not
entertaining are only one side of the argument and should, quite
frankly, speak for themselves.

[IMAGE] Another argument used against boxing is that it supposedly
encourages violence. Some say that the physical strength gained
through boxing can be used to 'beat someone up', and that if you did
not take part in boxing you would be less likely to fight or attack
someone, because you would not be less able to. However, fighting
whether it be with friends or enemies will always take place, and if
you want to beat a foe or at least not let yourself get beat up too
badly, you will need to be able to defend yourself. Also, I believe
that boxing helps to prevent fighting as it creates a chance for the
participant to channel their frustration and anger, through their
hands, away from their minds. I believe that this is better than
fighting with people outside of the ring, because at the ring there
are safety measures which are non existent in normal [IMAGE]world.

Finally, we come to the argument that boxing may cause deaths and
injuries. This is generally thought to be the most important point
against boxing and can be backed up by doctors and others in the
medical profession. However, all competitive sports cause injuries and
in almost every professional football game at least one player is
injured. As for deaths coming about as the result of boxing, these are
rarer than you might think; only eight people have died in Great
Britain in the last fifty years as the result of boxing, whereas
people are killed every day in car crashes or by falling down the

[IMAGE]I support boxing, and my views are strengthened by the
arguments - boxing is a part of our history; boxing and it's training
techniques are a good form of exercise and teach self defence; boxing
helps poorer people get a chance to achieve fame and fortune; it is a
boxer's right to choose whether to fight or not and if banned, boxing
would go underground.

Boxing is one of the oldest and most natural sports known to mankind.
The origin of boxing is prehistoric and formed part of the ancient
Greek Games. The Romans followed and by 1681 Boxing had moved to
Britain. To ban boxing would be throwing away a link to our past.

[IMAGE] Although many in the medical profession would condemn boxing
because of the general feeling they have, that boxing promotes hitting
and thus may cause injury, few can deny that the particular training
techniques used for boxing are extremely good forms of exercise.
Skipping is a fantastic cardiovascular exercise and a round on the
bags may hurt your arms at first, but after a few times you will get
used to it and your arms will become stronger. Also, boxing teaches
self-defence in the same way as the eastern fighting sports and I
believe, should receive the same amount of respect.

Boxing helps poorer people to achieve fame and fortune because it
takes the self taught ability to defend yourself, which most working
class people have, and puts it to the individual's use.

[IMAGE]I believe that the choice of whether to take part in boxing or
not, is the choice of the boxer him or herself. Article 23 of the
Universal Declaration of Human Rights states, "Everyone has the right
to work, to free choice of employment" if people were not allowed to
take part in boxing, I believe that it would be a violation of this
Human right.

If boxing was banned, I truly think that it would go underground. I
believe this because, even in this day where police are constantly
developing better forms of surveillance and intelligence gathering,
banned activities such as bare-knuckle boxing and cock-fighting still
go on, and what about the thousands of loyal fans who I talked about
earlier, I think many would be prepared to break the law to watch
their favourite sport. If boxing did go underground, then it would
loose it's present level of safety and the sport would become even
more dangerous than it is now.

I believe that boxing is a persecuted sport and should be encouraged
instead of discouraged, I hope that the sport will carry on for a log
time to come

and gain more support from those who at present are against it.
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