Unreachable Thorn - Personal Narrative

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Unreachable Thorn - Personal Narrative I still remember that day so well; it sticks in my mind like an unreachable thorn. Luke was so much stronger that me. I would have given up if it wasn't for him. I remember the rain, pouring from the sky, heavier that the burden in our arms and in our hearts. It was Luke's idea to teach him a lesson for what he did to Claire, but it was me who roughed him up, I was the one who made him fall. Luke said that no one would believe us. He said that everyone would think we killed him for his lunch money. We didn't kill him, he fell. I followed Luke through the forest dragging the bag containing all our grief and sorrow behind me. It was so heavy but I kept on going, relentless and oblivious to the aching in my arms and back. There was a lot of grief and sorrow in that bag. All I was thinking about was Claire. What if she found out? How could she love me knowing I was callous enough to cause the demise of someone's life? Accident or otherwise I was still ultimately responsible. I did it for her. She was so beautiful so perfect and innocent. I never told her of that night, that night when we threw Josh Baker's body over the ravine. I remember the look on her face when the police came to our school, asking for our help in finding him. Claire was shocked he was missing, thought it was fate, never suspected Luke and me. We weren't like that. I never thought I could have done it, but I did. I couldn't have done it alone though. Luke thought of everything, covering our tracks, alibis, everything. If anyone found out, I would have got caught for sure. We dumped the body where no one would find it, and to this day still hasn't. I dragged the bag to the edge of the ravine and pushed it over. As it tumbled down, the bag split, and as it came to a halt,

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