The Quality of Life in the Elmbridge Borough

The Quality of Life in the Elmbridge Borough

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The Quality of Life in the Elmbridge Borough

I am going to investigate the quality of life in a Borough of my
choice, by comparing a group of factors that I feel affect the quality
of life in the Borough and its wards. The borough which I will achieve
this with is Elmbridge. I am going to review in detail six factors the
affect the quality of life in all the wards of Elmbridge, by obtaining
these results I can compare and contrast to discover an order which
shows a rating for the quality of life in these wards. Then I will
collect primary data myself for all the wards and see if the findings
of my primary data confirm that of the secondary data.

Elmbridge is a borough where town meets country, creating a diverse
and appealing environment. It offers acres of verdant woodlands, miles
of riverside walks, excellent leisure and sports facilities, a variety
of shops and boutiques and an enormous selection of pubs and
restaurants. The Borough of Elmbridge is Twinned with the Ville de
Rueil-Malmaison, France. Since 1966 both communities have promoted
exchanges between schools, sports clubs, artistic and cultural
societies, the organisation of which is undertaken by the Elmbridge
Twinning Guild.

I feel my area of study is important because it shows what aspects of
the Borough the government concentrates it's funding on, for example
public transport, health and safety, maintenance etc. I would imagine
the wards, with a lower quality of life, would have a larger
concentration of government funding. I also feel my area of study will
give me an insight into the urban mosaic theory of my borough.
Depending on the three factors of- Socio-Economic Status, Ethnicity
and Age, I will be able to determine reasons for the location and
physical space of residents in my borough, and hopefully a residential
mosaic will be recognised between the wards.

The main reason I chose Elmbridge as my location of study is because I
live there- in a ward called Cobham. This means that I know the area

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very well, and so the collection of primary data will be made easier
for me. I also will find it interesting to see if my own
interpretations of the wards of Elmbridge have any correlation to my
final results and ratings of these wards.

My hypotheses are-' The quality of life in my borough varies to such
an extent that a residential mosaic can be recognised at both the
borough and the ward scale' my second hypothesis is-'There is a strong
relationship between socio-economic indicators of the quality of life
- secondary data i.e. the use of scamp. And environmental indicators-
primary data which I will record through field study.'

These two hypotheses are linked in the way that they both are dealing
to a certain extent with the various reasons for the variations in the
quality of life in my borough. Yet both hypotheses do not overlap each
other in any way.

Primarily I will use the computer programme called scamp, in order to
retrieve six factors of secondary data which I feel affects the
quality of life in Elmbridge. Then I will collect primary data, by
inspecting the worst, median and best wards from my which will have
already been determined by my secondary data. I will devise and
justify an environmental scoring system to apply at each random
location in these three wards.
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