Making a Difference - Fiction

Making a Difference - Fiction

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Making a Difference - Fiction

"Like what" replied Jenna who was studying every page from the latest
edition of "Teen Weekly"

"How would you like," replied Jenna's Mother,

"to be thrown out of your home with no money or clothes or-," she
paused to look at her daughter, who was sitting on the chair staring
at her magazine, obviously not paying attention to what was turning
out to be another one of her mothers lectures.

"you just don't care do you, you think you have it rough because you
have to share a room with your sister and you are not allowed top
brand clothing, but the truth is you do not and probably could not
understand what life is like in poorer countries not so far away from
here." Jenna's Mum snatched a leaflet from the letterbox and
interestingly began to read it.

"Look Jenna that old factory up the road is looking for helpers,"

"To do what," sighed Jenna

"To sort out clothing and other things that people who care have
donated for the refugees,"

Jenna showed a sudden interest, "I do care mum, if the price is right,
how much will I get paid"

"Jenna- Lorraine Stenhouse, sometimes I can't understand the things
you say, you are so heartless, and if you are an example of what the
next generation is, well by God what a horrifying world it will be,"
Jenna's mum sat down on the couch and glared at her daughter who by
now had started reading her magazine again, "you just carry on reading
that silly magazine because no matter what I say you will not care

"For God's sake mum give it a rest, I am sick of you and your do-good
acts, when will you learn I am not like you, I do have my own mind,"
shouted Jenna who was shielding herself behind her magazine. "Well, I
am sorry, I just want you to lend a hand in this community, you know
show you care."

Jenna knew how to resolve this argument but she dreaded the

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consequences. "If it pleases you mother i suppose i can spare a free
hour or so tomorrow" and with that Jenna went back to her magazine and
Mrs Stenhouse went to her bed.

The next morning, Jenna got dressed in her warmest jumper and
trousers, packed her bag with a flask of homemade soup and a few
cartons of juice and hid her last Easter egg in her pocket and went
into the lounge to say bye to her mum.

"I am so proud of you Jenna" said Jenna's mum before plastering a kiss
on her daughter's cheek, "Have a good day". Jenna paused on the
doorstep and thought of what she would rather be doing, "No use
thinking about what is not going to happen said Jenna"

It was not a long walk to the factory and Jenna dreaded what awaited
her, a cold musty factory, old moth eaten clothes and the group of
gossiping old ladies that sing in the church choir. The more she
thought about it the more Jenna wanted to go home.

At the entrance of the factory was a huge sign "Volunteers urgently
needed, help refugees, Donations welcome," Jenna was greeted by a
small women in a body warmer she had a round jolly face and a
welcoming smile,

"Hello dear, are you here to help?"

"Eh yes," replied Jenna

"Well it's quite simple really, you just sort out these black bags,"
she pointed to a huge mountain of bags that people had donated, " you
sort them into good clothes and bad clothes, then ladies, men's and
babies. Shoes, food and toiletries are separate,"

"Oh! right, em, well thanks," murmured Jenna who was utterly bemused
by the gigantic collection of bags and boxes.

"Now, just sign your name here, and remember to sign out when you
leave, it's all fire regulations",

Jenna looked on the wall and she seen horrifying pictures of little
children dying of hunger and illness, immediately she knew that her
help was needed. Jenna was put in a group of old ladies and she was
given a pile of bags to sort out. By lunchtime Jenna was tired and
went into the tea room for a drink, a young women, 2 or 3 years older
than Jenna sat down and slowly sipped her tea.

"Hello are you here alone?" asked the girl

"Yes," replied Jenna

"Would you like to come and help me?" asked the girl.

"Oh, yes please," said Jenna gratefully, "I don't really know anyone

The girls name was Jose and she had been helping out at the factory
all week.

"I am so glad that someone young has got themselves motivated,
swallowed their pride and actually showed an interest in coming here,
especially on your own," Jose looked at Jenna, smiled and began to
fold her bundle of clothes. Feeling guilty Jenna picked up her bag and
started sorting the clothes. "My parents were refugees," said Jose,
"but in their time they never had organizations to provide them with
supplies, they had to cope with illness, and war, my mum hates talking
about it she is glad that i am helping others who are in the same
position as she was, and i am glad to help". Jenna remembered the
photographs and a sudden wave of guilt and selfishness went through
her head, "I want to help," she said, " Yes, what can I do,"

That day Jenna helped for as long as she could, she felt very proud of
herself, and wanted to do more.

For the next week Jenna and Jose orgaised groups of volunteers to
help, they gave up some of their old clothes and Jenna used her pocket
money to buy some rice and pasta, razors, bandages and soap to donate
to the refugees.

One day after school, Jenna went to the factory looking for Jose, but
she was not there.

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