Blaming the Police for Failing to Catch Jack the Ripper

Blaming the Police for Failing to Catch Jack the Ripper

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Blaming the Police for Failing to Catch Jack the Ripper

In 1880s the police force were very much in its infancy, such things
as forensics, DNA, finger printing were not available at that time.
The only tools available to the police were very primitive; in fact,
the only tools were post mortems, door-to-door enquiries, photography
(which was extremely basic) and having witnesses. The police was only
really set up for crime prevention. Other problems faced was the fact
that the police were seen as favouring the middle class, Because of
the bloody Sunday riots where the police got too violent with a crowd
of protesters protesting against the unemployment. This would have
made it extremely difficult at policing White Chapel

There were many points in the ripper investigation where it has been
suggested that the police were to be blamed for the failure in
capturing jack the ripper. Such points were the abuse of evidence and
the failure to cooperate between the city police and the metropolitan
police. An example of this was on the night of the "night double
murders" Eddoes apron was found by a constable by a graphitised door
reading "the Juwes are the men are The men That Will not be blamed for
nothing". This message could have been written by the ripper himself,
city police wanted to photograph this but Warren (from the
metropolitan police) felt that waiting until there was enough light to
be photographed might have caused anti-Semitic riots against those
Jews living in the area whom English residence already suspected. It
is believed that on the whole most of the two police force worked well
together, but there is still evidence that more senior officers did
not. Did the failure of the two police forces result in the killer
walking free? Most sources do not fault either force of failing to
solve the ripper murders; even by today's standards this case would
have been extremely challenging.

Another point that the police were to blame for the failure to capture
jack the ripper was that they wasted a lot of time in following up

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bogus leads; the police went with the circumstantial evidence of an
unsure witness, source 'D' when they could have used there resources
to do other things.

It was obvious that the ripper was not a local resident because most
of the murders were on the weekend. The police still thought that the
murderer was a local; source F proves this point.

Source E suggest that it was the fault of the police for not catching
the killer. Because it says this was bound to happen if there was no
order on the streets at night. Time and time again the police ignored
peoples request to greater the number of police presence in the area,
it also goes onto suggest that the police were warned that more murder
would take place if the number of police at night was increased.

Another reason for the failure to capture jack the ripper is stated in
source F. this source is a police notice appealing to the residence of
white chapple. It states that the killer is a local person but it is
quite clear that this is not the case as all the murders took place on
a weekend or on a Friday. Therefore, this concludes the police's
ignorance in this case.

However, on the contrary the police were seen not to be blamed for not
capturing jack the ripper. Because of a number of a reasons; these
were the following:

Lack of aids in the capturing of jack the ripper- apart from the
autopsies and taking statement there was little else the police could
do. Forensics was a thing not known to the police. In fact at the time
that these murders were taking place it was believed that taking a
close up of the victim's eye would reveal the identity of the killer.
Today hunting a serial killer would require the use of finger
printing, forensics, DNA, and the use of the media like crime watch.
In 1888 the police could not even get a decent artist impression, the
only media attention they got was negative and unhelpful

An other point is that the police greatly increased their presents in
the white Chapple at the height of the murders. In some cases the
constables stumbled across the bodies while they were still warm.
Unless the ripper was actually caught red handed the police had little
chance of actually solving the case.

Another problem which the police could not control was the lack of a
reward. It was common for the police to offer a reward to the local
population for any information about a serious crime, but it was the
not the case for the ripper murders. The attitude at the time was that
the police were incompetent and that sir Charls warren was only good
for policing and crowd control he was especial criticized for not
giving out a reward in the hope that the accomplice would come
forwards. In fact, Warren had no objection against the reward it was
the home sectary that was against this. This is proven in source G
that is a letter to the mile end vigilant committee from the sectary
of state

It is also wise to note that the police were very much in there
infancy the police force had been set up for crime prevention not for
solving crimes. The police were given hardly any training and the
training that they was given was based on 'proper behaviour' the
biggest emphasis was to look good and dress smartly they found out how
to do there jobs by 'picking it up on the beat'

Another problem (which is also stated towards the end of source E) is
that white chapel was a very violent crowded area with lots of
interconnecting alleyway housing some sort of vile criminal activity.
White Chapel was extremely hard to police at the best of times. The
murderer would have easily have blended into the crowd and not have
stood out, the alley way would have hidden his movements and provided
a quick escape

Another problem faced by the police and which is also shown in source
H, is that the murders were motiveless there was not the slightest
clue left at any scene all the police could hope for was some luck
that would lead to the capture of the killer

In conclusion Jack the Ripper was a murder case destined never to be
solved by the police. It is important to emphasise that the police
failure to arrest and prosecute the killer of the white chapel murders
does not mean that that they did not work hard to capture the killer
of the prostitutes. They had worked hard to follow up all leads and
all possibilities but there techniques were limited as has been
explained previously. I have come to the conclusion the police were
not to blame for the failure to capture Jack the Ripper
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