Writing a Thesis Paper

Writing a Thesis Paper

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Writing a Thesis Paper
A specific style of writing is necessary in order to write a thesis
paper. A good thesis paper will use sound evidence presented in a
convincing way to prove a thesis statement.

After the thesis is introduced in the opening paragraph, the writer
presents facts which are used to prove their thesis. These facts are
contained within the body paragraphs. Finally, a conclusion is
presented which restates the thesis and summarizes the steps that were
taken by the writer in order to prove it. A visual representation of
the organization of a research paper is provided below:

[IMAGE]Thesis Paper Outline

Step 1: Decide on a topic.
The paper topic may already have been assigned by the teacher.
Sometimes the teacher assigns a general topic like the "Civil War" and
your job is to pick a more focused subtopic such as "cavalry tactics
during the Civil War."

Initially, you must determine your focus. Thesis papers attempt to
persuade and inform the reader while proving a thesis. Brainstorm
potential topics and then evaluate each potential topic for
appropriateness and availability of sources.

Step 2: Begin your research.
Write down the main ideas or concepts that you discover during your
research. Keep these notes in a safe place, and remember to record the
sources that you are using so you can easily document them in a Works
Cited. Support main points with detailed information and elaborate
where needed.

Step 3: Organize your research.
Organize your research using an outline. Some suggested outline
methods include: traditional, box, and mind-mapping formats.

Step 4: Write a thesis statement.
A thesis statement is the idea upon which your entire paper is
constructed. Your research will provide you with the information that
you need to prove your thesis in the body of your paper.

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Step 5: Write the body of your paper.
Write down the main points from your research. This will become the
foundation for your body paragraphs. Support each main point with
detailed information and elaborate where needed.

Step 6: Write the introduction.
Begin with a "hook" which will grab the reader's attention
immediately. State your thesis. Briefly elaborate on the thesis and
what is to follow in the body of the paper.

Step 7:Write the conclusion
Summarize the content of your paper. Be sure to note how the main
points proved your thesis. End your paper with a hard-hitting
sentence, anecdote or quote which reminds the reader that you proved
your thesis.

Step 8: Edit your paper.
At this point, you should ask a parent, teacher, or friend to read
over your paper to make sure that it is clear and concise. You should
ask for specific suggestions which will help make your paper stronger.
It always helps to edit your paper by asking yourself some guiding
questions as you read through it such as:

· Does the body support the thesis?
· Check over the organization of the paper. Does it make sense?
· Make sure that you followed the instructions for the assignment
(e.g., margins, spacing etc.).
· Check your writing for errors (e.g., paragraph order, grammar,
spelling, etc.).

Step 9: Prepare a final draft.
After you have thoroughly edited your draft, revise your paper .

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