The Importance of Cow Protection in Hinduism

The Importance of Cow Protection in Hinduism

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The Importance of Cow Protection in Hinduism

"The very name for a cow in Sanskrit is 'Aghnya' which is translated
as "not to be killed", an indication that they should never be
slaughtered. Who, then could slay them? Surely one who kills a cow a
bull commits a heinous crime". Mahabharat, Shantiparv 262.47

There are many reasons why Hindus do not wish to have beef as a source
of food, one of them being their religious beliefs. Many Hindus in the
whole world don't believe in eating beef as it involves the
slaughtering of the most sacred animal in Hinduism.They are influenced
by themselves of others (parents, family, friends).

Hinduism states that there should be no violence and that Ahimsa
should be carried out in as many places as possible. Ahimsa means

In India there are thousands of cows that walk the street freely owing
to the law that states they shouldn't be harmed physically by any
human and that they should have the right to freedom just as we do.
Moreover the written law has only been carried out recently, but the
acts has been carried out for many thousands of years. Generations
amongst generations have taught their young this. Respect for the
environment is considered to be a religious duty in the Hindu
scriptures, as it is believed that a cow was the means of transport
for one very powerful god..

Hindus also don't eat meat (or beef) as many products tend to attach
themselves to diseases e.g. Foot in mouth or mad cow disease (BCE).
Caused by various viruses. Thousands of people have died in the past
few years because of these diseases, but as many Hindus believe that
killing cows is wrong - they have not been effected.

Vegetarianism is a common thing in many Hindu societies, as the first
three casts tend to apply the rules the most. Brahmins especially do
not have meat, they have to preserve their rights as being very
religious. There are certain types of comestibles that are healthy to

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eat, and as long as there is no beef ( nor any type of meat for that
matter ) there will be a healthier life style to live. Other possible
reasons for Hindus protecting cows is that the Bhagvat Gita and many
other sacred books explain why they shouldn't.

The Gods pass these teachings through short stories and many fictional
tales. There are many reasons that suggest that we shouldn't harm any
creatures (cows in particular).

In India special devotion is shown towards a cow. It has a ceremony
for its birth and also an occasion on its death. There are many cows
roaming the streets of India. They cause traffic jams, and they are
not forced to move.

Its dung, urine and milk have special qualities that help Hindus to
survive. The dung can be a source of fuel for Lamps (gee lamps) and
used for fire and heat. Its urine has special medical qualities that
is good quality and cost-effective. Its milk is used to make many
different types of food and drink. Gandhi also suggested that cows
were the most sacred animals in the world.
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