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Advertising in the Media For my Media Coursework, I have chosen to look at advertising. This covers a very large spectrum, from small one-off advertisements in a newspaper to gigantic campaigns being advertised on the television and radio all the time. I have chosen to specifically look at television marketing, and have decided to both study the development of commercials and the end product of existing commercials, by giving myself the task of working for a made up advertising agency (i.e. 'Xperimental WorksLimited.') for an imaginary 'alcoholic drink' company called 'Q2'. In the advertising world, what would happen would be that Q2, after producing their merchandise, would then come to an advertising agency and explain their needs and their target receivers of the commercial to a team of creatively minded experts. Then usually the next step would be for the advertising team to go away and prepare a bunch of different ideas to show the 'client' (i.e. Q2 in this case). After seeing the ideas, the client would then decide which ideas suited the image that the company was looking for and which were definitely going down the wrong route. If the client is not pleased with any of the initial ideas it is their prerogative to either, tell the advertising company more what it is looking for and ask for a new outlook on the campaign or, if they are not satisfied with where it is going at all, to simply scrap the deal and try another advertising agency. This may seem a very ruthless and an incredibly competitive business. It is! However, when considering the amount of money that firms plough into advertising on the television alone nowadays, it becomes clearer why companies need to get it right. Also, it is quite surprising how much a good or a bad advertising campaign can have on a company's success. With a good advertising drive, an old fashioned, inconspicuous medicine firm can change it's image to become, 'hip', 'trendy' and most importantly of all successful. This example of how the, now-fizzy drink company, 'Lucozade', changed its image from being a dull type of

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